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How to Make Green Tea

Green tea is universally loved for its delicious taste and the health benefits that it provides. It’s packed high in antioxidants that protect cells from damage and boost the immune system. Green tea is also a great source of energy, and increases metabolism, making it a perfect drink for those looking to lose some weight. […]


What is the Best Automatic Tea Maker?

If you’re looking for something that does more than boil water, an automatic tea maker will prepare everything for you, all in one device. All you’ll have to do is pour it into the cup! These have been highlighted in some other posts before, but I thought it might be a great idea to bring […]


What is the Best Teapot with Infuser?

A teapot with infuser will include all the things necessary to make the perfect cup of tea. Instead of having a separate infuser that has to be added into the pot to brew your tea, the teapot will include one that sits perfectly within it for optimal tea infusion. Some of us are just too […]


What is the Best Small Electric Kettle?

A small electric kettle has the benefit of being more portable and convenient. Traveling with a kettle becomes a lot easier with something that is compact in size, easy to pack away, and takes up less room in a small space. It’s also the perfect item to use as a secondary kettle in a room […]

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Electric Teapot Favorites

Sure teapots are really nice, but they lack the ability to both steep your tea and heat your water all at once. That’s where an electric teapot comes in. There are several products that allow you to heat your water, steep your tea, and serve your tea all in one, giving you complete control over […]