6 Beautiful Japanese Tea Sets

Shake up how your serve your tea with a beautiful Japanese style tea set. Each of the sets on this list are well made and tastefully designed.


Black Porcelain Japanese Tea Set

Impress your guests or just add a bit of elegance to your home with this beautiful tea set. This ceramic Japanese tea set is made from high quality porcelain. The material feels well made and very thick, so this will be difficult to damage or break. Included is a 27 oz teapot and four 7 oz cups. The outside of each piece is decorated with a calligraphy design in Japanese Kanji.

The set doesn’t include an infuser for placing loose leaves, however you can brew your tea directly in the pot because the spout includes a strainer that will prevent the tea leaves from coming through. This is ideal for serving your tea right away, but if you intend to let the tea sit in the pot for hours, you may want to use a separate infuser so that you can remove the leaves before the tea becomes bitter. The lid on this set is excellent because it doesn’t come loose as you’re pouring. The attached bamboo handle is removable, making the pot very easy to clean up.


Traditional Japanese Tea Set with Dragonfly Design

This beautiful set is designed to look and work like an authentic Japanese tea set. It includes a small teapot and 4 cups, each in a deep blue color with an elegant dragonfly design. All of the pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe. This is a set that is gorgeous both for use, and when left out as a decorative piece.

The teapot that is included with the set is rather small. If you’re looking for something that will allow you to make a huge pot that you can drink from throughout the day, this may not be the set for you. However, it is large enough to brew enough tea to fill the four included cups. There is no basket infuser included, but there is a strainer in the spout.


Japanese Cast Iron Tea Set

This Japanese cast iron teapot set includes a teapot, a trivet, and 2 teacups. Unlike some other pots of this style, this one comes with a mesh infuser basket for placing tea leaves. The interior is finished with porcelain enamel to prevent the development of rust on the inside.

The pot is a relatively small size and makes about 4 cups of tea. This is ideal for a single tea drinker or 2. There are a couple of pros and cons to the cast iron material, and it’s important to know them before deciding on whether or not this style is for you. Cast iron is wonderful for keeping the tea hot for a long time. It will remain hot in the pot and inside the cups as well since they are also cast iron. However, that means that the cups do get hot, and it may be difficult to hold and drink from them without something to wrap around them. Cast iron is also prone to rusting. In order to preserve your pieces and help them last longer, you will need to wipe them completely dry after washing them.


Japanese Cherry Blossom Tea Set

This is a small Japanese ceramic tea set that was really made in Japan, unlike many others that are often crafted in China. The set includes a pot and 4 cups, each decorated with a lovely cherry blossom design. A basket is included for holding tea leaves. It’s the perfect gift for tea lovers or for personal use.


Japanese Cast Iron Tea Set with Bamboo Design

This gorgeous set includes a pot, 2 teacups, and a trivet. The interior has the enamel coating required to prevent rusting. Also included is a stainless steal tea strainer perfect for loose leaf tea. Cast iron pots can often be very expensive, however this one is affordable and exceptional quality for the price. It feels very heavy and solid. As mentioned before, care must be taken to preserve the cast iron material and keep rusting at bay.


Japanese Cast Iron Tea Set in Gold

There’s a lot of cast iron on this list, but I couldn’t go without mentioning this exquisite pot with gold detailing. This set includes a teapot, 2 teacups, a trivet, and even a stainless steal infuser basket. Like all good cast iron pots, the interior has enamel coating. This pot should stay rust free as long as you take care of it, and don’t scratch the coating on the inside.

The pot and the cups get fairly hot, thanks to the cast iron material, but the handle will stay cool enough for holding and pouring. The tea pours wonderfully out of the spout as well. This pot is incredibly affordable, but the golden decorations makes it look very expensive. The only downside I can see to this pot is that it only includes two cups and there is no way to buy any extras separately. That’s a downer because this is certainly a pot you’ll want to use for entertaining guests.