6 Beautiful Tea for One Sets

For a lone tea drinker, an entire tea set may be more than what you need. That’s why tea for one sets are such a great alternative. They come with just the basics necessary for enjoying your tea alone, in style. A teapot for one can be such a great gift for a tea lover, or a great gift for yourself. Here are some gorgeous little pots to treat yourself to a little me time with your favorite tea.


Porcelain Rose Teapot for One with Cup
This is a really pretty teapot for one. It’s made of porcelain and is decorated in beautiful feminine floral patterns and colors. While this is a porcelain set, it’s not too delicate, so it can be handled without worrying about breaking it. The set includes the pot with a lid, a cup that sits beneath the pot, and a saucer. Care must be taken when washing as it is not dishwasher safe.


Gracie China Tea for One
This tea for one teapot and cup set have a really exquisite, high class design. There are several floral patterns and color designs to choose from, all including gold trim detailing. The set includes a cup, the pot, and a saucer, and they all fit perfectly together. The lid is also very secure, so it won’t come off as the tea is being poured. The set is dishwasher safe, however it is not recommend for use in the microwave. One complaint about this set is that the spout has a straight up shape, making it difficult to find a way to easily pour the tea out. While this may be one of the best looking of these tea for one sets, it may not be the most functional because of the spout design.


English Tea Store Teapot for One
This set is definitely one of the best for low budget shoppers. The design is simple and cute, with a high quality, gloss finish. The set includes the teapot and cup in one along with a saucer. The handles are comfortable to grip, and the design of the spout is very good, so there isn’t much in the way of annoying dribbles. This pot does not include an infuser, so you’ll need to already own one, or use it with tea bags. It’s both dish washer and microwave safe.

This set is larger than some of the others with a 15 oz pot and a 8 oz cup, with a nice large saucer. Like most pots like this, it’s not ideal for keeping the tea warm, so it’s good for use if you like to drink your tea straight away. It comes in a variety of other colors you can see by clicking the image.


Siena Tea for One with Saucer
This is my personal favorite teapot and cup for one thanks the the beautiful sophisticated earth tones. There are four beautifully understated colors to choose from. It also comes in a really cute satin lined hat box. The appearance of this set make it the perfect item to display on your desk at work, or at home in the kitchen.

As for the pieces themselves, they’re made from high quality porcelain. They’re not microwave safe, and it’s recommend to hand-wash only. The porcelain material does a pretty good job at keeping the tea hot for about an hour. One thing to note, is that the opening of the pot is quite small, only about the size of a teaspoon. Because of this, this pot may not be ideal for large infusers and tea balls. Something smaller, or a teabag would work just fine. Personally, I think the beautiful design of this one is worth finding something that fits. The pot is large enough to hold two to three refills.


BIA Cordon Bleu Teapot and Cup Set for One
This teapot set for one has a cute, minimal design to it. Thanks to that, you should be able to match it to any decor, or if you’re a stickler for matching kitchenware, this definitely won’t clash with anything you own. All the pieces are made from glossy, all white, durable porcelain. The pot is 12 oz in size. The set includes a lidded pot and a cup, as well as a saucer, even though it’s not displayed in the image.

Some downsides of this set are that it’s only big enough for about one cup, so this is not ideal if you are a multi-cup-in-one-sitting kind of person. Some complain that the pieces don’t fit together very well, while other have noted that it’s perfectly fine. The pot is, however, lacking an infusion basket or a strainer on the spout. So make sure you have one on hand if you choose to go with this one.

This set is safe in both the microwave and the dishwasher. If you don’t have a tea kettle, or if you really just want to get things done nice and quick, this is a good set to have since you can do everything straight in the microwave.


Grasslands Claddagh Celtic Tea for One Teapot
This is a great set for those on the lookout for something a little less traditional. It has a high gloss finish and many say that this pot looks even more beautiful in person. The trimming around the cup is Celtic knotting. Aside from the design, the pot itself works great. It brews enough for two cups, and the material keeps the tea nice and hot for a long while after it’s been steeped. This is a great pot for putting a smile on your face.