A Cute Tea Infuser For Your Personal Style

Tea is fun and your infuser can reflect that. A cute tea infuser is the perfect way to represent your personality while brewing one of your favorite drinks. Some of these are worth it for the terrible pun names alone! They’re quite fun to use if you haven’t got a mug that already includes an infuser, although you may need to have a more traditional infuser on hand since the functionality of these doesn’t always live up to the cuteness. Here are a selection of really unique tea infusers that will add personality to any cup.


Mister Tea Infuser
This is the best infuser on this list for practical usage and adorableness. It’s made from food safe silicone rubber, which doesn’t leave any funny tastes behind. It perches on the side of the cup and infuses tea from it’s pants! If that doesn’t put you in a good mood, then I don’t know what will. The holes in the pants are a bit on the large side, so smaller leaves may slip through. Despite the strange shape, he’s pretty easy to clean. Just turn his pants inside out and get rid of the leaves.


Tea Rex Infuser
This is a cute tea infuser for dinosaur lovers. He’s made from silicone and has a little chain for hanging on the side of the cup. This dino is hand wash only, and can’t be used in the microwave. Like with many of these silicone infusers, this isn’t the best for very fine leaves, but should work fine with larger varieties. The dino shape is really adorable, but it does make it a tad more difficult to clean. Despite the downsides, this infuser would make a great gift or conversation starter. Surprise your friends by putting it in their mug when they have tea in your house.


Kikkerland Robot and Monkey Tea Infuser and Drip Tray
This stainless steel infuser comes in a monkey or robot shape. Both models use their arms to straddle the cup while brewing. The arms are also adjustable so that the body fits comfortably in any size cup. When your tea is finished steeping, you can simply rest him on the drip tray. Some have complained that this infuser tends to pop open and let tea escape.


Russian Nesting Doll Tea Infuser
This infuser comes in an assortment of colors, although the one you get will be random. The shape makes it really easy to clean unlike some of the other oddly shaped infusers. Hand wash should be used and these are not for the microwave. One important thing to note is that these are pretty small, at only 2″ so it’s not the best option if you use a really large mug or want to throw it into a teapot. It does a good job of brewing tea while still being really adorable, and it will definitely put a smile on your face as you use it.


Manatea Infuser
This tea infuser is really cute because it looks like it’s climbing out of the tea cup. It’s made from food safe silicone and it holds quite a lot of tea inside of it. This particular infuser doesn’t seem to steep as quickly as a metal infuser does, so you may need to leave it in a bit longer and figure out what times are best for the tea you drink. The shape also doesn’t allow for the best circulation. It is, however, very easy to clean this one out, which is always a perk when it comes to novelty infusers in funky shapes.


Teatanic Tea Infuser
This is definitely a great one when it comes to overall appearance in the cup. It really does look like a ship is sinking inside the tea. It’s made from food safe silicone and it’s both dishwasher and microwave safe. The cleanup is easy thanks to the not so complex shape, if you choose to handwash. It’s 4.5″ long, so it’s a nice size for a large amount of tea. There are a couple of complaints that tea escapes from the holes. This seems to be the big sacrifice that one must make when it comes to these kinds of novelty infusers.