Bonavita 1-Liter Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Bonavita 1-Liter Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck Kettle

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The Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Kettle is a 1.0 liter stainless steel kettle with 6 preset temperatures and the option to set your own temperature. The tea kettle has an LED display that shows what the water temperature is. This 100 watt tea kettle will boil water very quickly and hold the temperature for up to an hour. The gooseneck spout helps to control water pouring, perfect for manual brew coffee and for seeping your tea.

Tea kettle features and specifications:
-Temperature hold for up to 60 minutes
-Count up timer for timed coffee brewing and tea steeping
-1.0 liter
-100 watt heating element
-Gooseneck spout for controlled water pouring.
-Brushed stainless steel

What do the customers think?
Customers think the Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Kettle is great, especially thanks to the thin shape of the spout. The kettle spout is great for pouring over tea, but also amazing when used for pour over coffee. Because of the thin shape, you can slowly pour the water without spilling it everywhere. The shape of the spout also gives the tea kettle an elegant and attractive look, although one customer complained that they did not like how the logo looked printed on the side of the kettle, but something like that does not get in the way of how well the kettle works.

The handle of the tea kettle is comfortable and easy to grip. There is plastic between the grip of the handle and the side of the kettle to prevent anyone using it from accidentally burning their hands. I know this is something that has happened to me often, so any additional protection is an extra bonus!

A large amount of the customers using this kettle were stove top kettle users who were hesitant about making the switch to electric. The Bonavita electric kettle has fully converted them and they can’t imagine going back. The digital LED screen is clear and easy to read and the ability to control the temperature of your water without a thermometer makes boiling water a lot easier.

Customers who use the kettle on a daily basis and multiple times a day say there has been absolutely no problems with rusting and the kettle continues to work just as if it were new. The electric chord for the tea kettle winds up nicely into the base so that you don’t have wires floating all around the kitchen because who needs more of those making a mess everywhere?

Some complaints say that the kettle is too small and only boils enough water to fill their French press, however something like this should not be a problem for most, unless you intend to host a tea party. Another customer complained that the spout was not attached to the kettle properly and appeared to be crooked. Overall the reviews for this kettle are positive, and the negative complaints seem to be things that most likely wont affect most users of the tea kettle, or may just be anomalies.

The bottom line
The shape of the spout and the ability to set the kettle to any temperature seem to be the major selling points here. Being able to slow pour your water is a huge benefit. If you’re a stove kettle user looking to make the switch to electric kettles, this might be the best first choice for you.