Buy teacups to dazzle your friends

So you’re looking to buy teacups, but not just any old boring teacups, you want to buy teacups that can impress your friends when you invite them over and something that goes nicely with your tea kettles. Royal Albert teacups and tea sets are the perfect pieces of kitchenware for just that. If you want to add a splash of English sophistication and elegance to your home, these beautiful tea sets are perfect. When you decide to buy teacups, you should go for something that will last you a lifetime and can stay within your family for many years. Here are some of our favorite Royal Albert pieces.

Tea for one

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These beautiful teacups are all made from high quality bone china. They have 22 carat gold rims, handles, and bases. The shapes of these cups are truly beautiful and sophisticated. They all include popular English floral decoration that is sure to bring a splash of style to your table top. With these you will be able to drink your tea with class and style.

This gorgeous teapot is made from porcelain. It features a beautiful old country rose design with butterfly figurine detailing on the teapot cover. This is the perfect piece to have for afternoon tea, or tea anytime really! Buy it here

Tea for many

These amazing teacups represent the patterns used from 1900-1940. They are lined in 22 karat gold and packaged in a presentation style hatbox. While each cup and saucer represents a different pattern from a different decade, they are all shaped in the same way so that they can be showcased together. Buy them here

This three piece set comes with the country roses design, displaying beautiful English roses in full bloom. It includes a teapot, creamer, and a sugar bowl. These pieces will go with any other piece that also shares the Old Country Roses design. Buy it here

This set comes with 4 cups and saucers and a tray. All the pieces are made from bone china and lined with a 22 carat gold trim. These teacups and saucers are dish washer safe, so while they may look classic, they work well in a modern world. Buy it here