Build Your Own Doctor Who Tea Set


There are numerous very cool looking teapots, sets and cups all inspired by the magic of Doctor Who. If you’re a fan of the show, like I am, and a fan of tea, then why wouldn’t you want to combine two of your favorite things together? These cool geeky tea items will allow you to […]

Oolong Tea Health Benefits


Oolong tea is a lot more than just a delicious beverage served at Chinese restaurants. Oolong tea is not only well loved for its incredible flavor, but its robust health benefits as well. Oolong tea undergoes a partial oxidation process, making it a cross between black tea and green tea, and as a result it […]

What is the Best Glass Electric Kettle


Glass electric kettles are an ultimate option for those looking for a kettle that doesn’t contain any materials that may effect the taste of their water. These glass kettles are incredible because you’ll get all the benefits of being able to rapidly boil your water, without any nasty surprises that may come from having your […]

The Best Tea Sampler Set


Tea samplers are such a wonderful way to keep your tea drinking routine interesting by allowing you to get a taste of a huge variety of flavors and blends. With a sampler set you can try different flavors that you may be hesitant to purchase in full size to expand your taste and discover new […]

The Best Stovetop Tea Kettle


Stovetop kettles are the perfect kitchen accessory for anyone who likes to make their tea the traditional way. They look delightful on the stove, but they also clear space by allowing you to avoid adding an additional appliance to your counter. Here are some of the best stove top tea kettles available. Chef’s Secret Stainless […]

Great Chinese Tea Sets


These Chinese Tea Sets are a wonderful way to improve the way you drink your tea. Use them to serve tea at dinner, for guests, or place them on display to add elegance to your home. Teavana Blue Cherry Blossom Yixing Tea Set This lovely Chinese Yixing tea set is handmade with an intricate cherry […]

6 Beautiful Japanese Tea Sets


Shake up how your serve your tea with a beautiful Japanese style tea set. Each of the sets on this list are well made and tastefully designed. Black Porcelain Japanese Tea Set Impress your guests or just add a bit of elegance to your home with this beautiful tea set. This ceramic Japanese tea set […]

Pu-erh Tea Health Benefits


Tea really is something that everyone should include in their daily diet thanks to the plentiful health benefits that you can get from it. Like many teas, there are numerous health benefits of pu-erh tea. Read on to learn what it is, and what the positive effects of pu-erh tea can be for you What […]

Red Tea Benefits


Red tea, also known as rooibos tea or red bush tea, is not widely heard of, even within circles of tea lovers. This could be because red tea isn’t exactly true tea. Red tea is made from grinding and bruising red bush leaves, a plant only found in South Africa. While not real tea because […]

How to Make French Press Tea


A French press is commonly used for making coffee, but these awesome little appliances can also be used for brewing a delicious cup of tea with loose leaves. This is the perfect option for those who find tea infuser balls and devices frustrating to fill and clean up. It’s also a great solution if you […]