How to Make French Press Tea


A French press is commonly used for making coffee, but these awesome little appliances can also be used for brewing a delicious cup of tea with loose leaves. This is the perfect option for those who find tea infuser balls and devices frustrating to fill and clean up. It’s also a great solution if you […]

How to Make Green Tea


Green tea is universally loved for its delicious taste and the health benefits that it provides. It’s packed high in antioxidants that protect cells from damage and boost the immune system. Green tea is also a great source of energy, and increases metabolism, making it a perfect drink for those looking to lose some weight. […]

How to Make Loose Leaf Tea


Why loose leaf tea? Loose leaf tea is favored over bag tea for a number of reasons. Bags are fine for convenience but loose leaf teas tend to be higher quality and provide a fuller flavor. With loose leaf tea you have more control over the infusion and overall taste. Once you have learned how […]

Great Tea Recipes: Banana Tea Muffins

tea recipes

Photo source Have you ever wondered what other things you can do with your tea besides steeping it and drinking it? If you’re an avid lover of tea, there may be times when you feel like doing something different with your favorite drink. Muffins are the perfect thing to eat with a cup of tea, […]

Great things to do with your used tea bags

tea bag

Photo by julia stotz Sure the obvious use of a tea bag would be for steeping an amazingly delicious cup of tea, but have you ever wondered what other ways they could be used? There are a number of things that you can use your tea bags for to help improve your health and life. […]

How to clean and care for your electric kettle

electric kettles

Photo by spDuchamp If you are an avid tea drinker then there is a good chance that you own an electric tea kettle to boil your water on a daily basis. If this is the case, then there is probably an accumulation of minerals around the bottom of your kettle and around the heating element. […]

Fun ways to use tea besides drinking it

pouring tea

Photo source Tea is amazing because it tastes delicious, there are tons of health benefits, and there are also a number of ways that you can use it in your home besides simply drinking it. Here are some ways that tea can help some areas of your life that you may not have known before. […]

How to detox your body with the best detox tea

Detox tea

Research  has shown that by using herbs you can help your body cleanse. The best detox tea blends are especially great for helping any liver disease and also helps to improve the functions of your liver and strengthen your liver in general. Improving your liver can also mean improved, radiant skin. If you are going […]