What is the Best Glass Electric Kettle


Glass electric kettles are an ultimate option for those looking for a kettle that doesn’t contain any materials that may effect the taste of their water. These glass kettles are incredible because you’ll get all the benefits of being able to rapidly boil your water, without any nasty surprises that may come from having your […]

The Best Stovetop Tea Kettle


Stovetop kettles are the perfect kitchen accessory for anyone who likes to make their tea the traditional way. They look delightful on the stove, but they also clear space by allowing you to avoid adding an additional appliance to your counter. Here are some of the best stove top tea kettles available. Chef’s Secret Stainless […]

Guide to Picking the Best Stainless Steel Electric Kettle


If you’ve noticed that your tea isn’t as good as it could be, it may be time to have a look at the kettle you’re using. Kettles come in all shapes, sizes, and are made from a vast array of materials. You’ve probably seen plenty of cheap electric kettles made in plastic or maybe you […]

Find the Right Pour Over Kettle


Pour over kettles are loved for their incredible spouts. the spouts are designed in a way that ensures the steady flow of water. Using one of these will guarantee that you have precision control over the water you’re pouring. In addition to working great, these things just look plain beautiful. A pour over kettle is […]

What is the Best Automatic Tea Maker?


If you’re looking for something that does more than boil water, an automatic tea maker will prepare everything for you, all in one device. All you’ll have to do is pour it into the cup! These have been highlighted in some other posts before, but I thought it might be a great idea to bring […]

What is the Best Small Electric Kettle?


A small electric kettle has the benefit of being more portable and convenient. Traveling with a kettle becomes a lot easier with something that is compact in size, easy to pack away, and takes up less room in a small space. It’s also the perfect item to use as a secondary kettle in a room […]

Electric Teapot Favorites

electric teapot

Sure teapots are really nice, but they lack the ability to both steep your tea and heat your water all at once. That’s where an electric teapot comes in. There are several products that allow you to heat your water, steep your tea, and serve your tea all in one, giving you complete control over […]

What is the Best Copper Tea Kettle?


A copper tea kettle is not only a beautiful addition to your kitchen, but it’s also incredibly functional. Copper is one of the fastest conductors of heat. That means a copper kettle is the best way to boil your water fast. Here are a selection of kettles in beautiful copper that you can use to […]

The Best Tea Kettle Styles

tea kettle

Finding the best tea kettle for you will help you make the perfect tea every time. There are several styles of tea kettles to choose from, and each one has its benefits depending on the needs of the user. Below are some of the main kinds of tea kettles that you can choose from, all […]

The Best Electric Tea Kettles

the best electric tea kettles

An electric tea kettle can really make life easier for people who drink tea on the regular. But which is the best electric tea kettle for you? Read on to find the perfect kettle to meet your daily needs. Krups Silver Art Collection Electric Kettle This is a beautiful and stylist electric tea kettle with […]