Great Chinese Tea Sets


These Chinese Tea Sets are a wonderful way to improve the way you drink your tea. Use them to serve tea at dinner, for guests, or place them on display to add elegance to your home. Teavana Blue Cherry Blossom Yixing Tea Set This lovely Chinese Yixing tea set is handmade with an intricate cherry […]

6 Beautiful Japanese Tea Sets


Shake up how your serve your tea with a beautiful Japanese style tea set. Each of the sets on this list are well made and tastefully designed. Black Porcelain Japanese Tea Set Impress your guests or just add a bit of elegance to your home with this beautiful tea set. This ceramic Japanese tea set […]

What is the Best Teapot with Infuser?


A teapot with infuser will include all the things necessary to make the perfect cup of tea. Instead of having a separate infuser that has to be added into the pot to brew your tea, the teapot will include one that sits perfectly within it for optimal tea infusion. Some of us are just too […]

What is the Best Glass Teapot with Infuser?


Glass teapots are a great thing to have for a variety of reasons and a glass teapot with infuser is even better. With a glass teapot you can watch the tea infuse. You can watch as the leaves expand and circulate, adding a whole other layer to the tea drinking experience. Glass teapots are also […]

Great Tea Sets for Girls


Tea sets for girls are a perfect addition to any child’s toy collection. They are such a wonderful way to really nurture a young girl’s imagination and help them develop important social skills. And let’s not forget the most important thing, they’re fun! They’re also perfect for getting their interest in tea started at an […]

6 Beautiful Tea for One Sets


For a lone tea drinker, an entire tea set may be more than what you need. That’s why tea for one sets are such a great alternative. They come with just the basics necessary for enjoying your tea alone, in style. A teapot for one can be such a great gift for a tea lover, […]

Old Dutch 38 Ounce Cast Iron Nobility Teapot

old dutch cast iron teapot

Buy on Amazon This is a beautiful cast iron teapot that combines a traditional Japanese style with modern aesthetics. This teapot is a great size at 38 ounces. The surface is textured with images of bamboo and pine. While cast iron teapots were traditionally used for boiling water in Japan, this particular teapot is only […]

Hario Chacha Glass Teapot

Hario Chacha Glass Teapot 23oz.700ml, CHJMN-70T

Buy from Amazon The Hario Chacha Glass Teapot is perfect for watching the tea as it steeps and changes color. It has a mesh basket for tea leaves and is perfect for the flavor to release throughout the water. What do I get? -23 oz. Makes 3 cups of tea -Large strainer -Round nob top […]

GROSCHE Munich Glass teapot and 12 premium blooming tea gift set

GROSCHE Munich 42 fl oz. 1200ml Glass teapot and 12 premium blooming tea gift set

Buy from Amazon This is a great tea gift set that comes complete with a glass teapot that is stove top safe. Included in the set is a tea infuser and a variety pack of 12 blooming flowering teas. This teapot doubles as a kettle when the tea infuser is removed and can be safely […]