Cuisinart TEA-100 PerfecTemp Programmable Tea Steeper and Kettle

Cuisinart TEA-100 PerfecTemp Programmable Tea Steeper and Kettle

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This amazing tea kettle is both a kettle and a tea steeper. This programmable tea kettle allows you to adjust the temperature of the water to ensure that each variety of tea is steeped at the correct temperature. The stainless steal tea infuser can be removed and replaced with a kettle lid to fully convert it into a kettle whenever steeping is not necessary.

The stainless steel tea infuser can hold loose or bagged tea. It will also hold spices, fruits, and herbs and allow you to create your own blend of flavors. You can adjust the steeping timer to whatever time you need or you can use the preset times based on which type of tea you select. This fun little kettle even comes with a recipe booklet to give you some ideas on what to do with it. A combination of the perfect water temperature plus steeping time will create the ultimate cup of delicious tea.

Tea kettle features and specifications:
-Removable stainless steel tea infuser, can be raised and lowered.
-Programmable controls with 6 preset temperatures
-Countdown steeping timer with 20 minute keep warm feature, and 2 minute lift off memory feature
-Hold 1 liter for tea steeping and 1.2 liters when used as a water kettle.
-Overheat and boil dry protection
-Removable parts which are dishwasher safe
-1500 watts for heating water quickly.
-LCD display

What do the customers think?
Customers who used the Cuisinart TEA-100 PerfecTemp Programmable Tea Steeper and Kettle enjoy it very much and feel that it is an amazing product for tea lovers. The kettle itself is very sturdy and all of the parts feel well made. There is no annoying dribbling from the spout when the water or tea is being poured. Like many tea kettles this electric kettle has a keep warm feature which everyone loves. It’s perfect for those who like to take their time when drinking their tea.

One customer in particular said that they used to have trouble making a good cup of tea before they started using this kettle. Now they are an avid tea drinker. Customers love that while you can clean this in the dishwasher, it’s also easy to clean by hand in the sink for those who don’t own a dishwasher. Many of the people who own this electric kettle also love the fact that you can use to make iced tea as well. This really seems to be the tea kettle for people who enjoy a large array of different teas and also want to experiment with creating their own tea brews.

Complaints about this tea kettle are that it does take a bit of effort to learn how to use it. There are many different parts that come together and can be taken apart and switched around, so in order to figure out how to use it it’s really important to read over the manual that it comes along with. Once you get over the learning curve it will become fairly easy to use. Another customer complained that it was difficult to clean the tea steeper, especially when the tea leaves were wet.

The bottom line
This electric tea kettle may be difficult to get the hang of at first, but once you have learned how to use it, you’ll be drinking even more tea than you thought possible. The removable tea steeper sets this product apart from other electric kettles.