Disposable Tea Cups for Any Occasion

Disposable tea cups are great to have on hand for parties, or in any situations when you don’t want to use your best dishware. If you usually drink your tea solo, it’s good to have some on hand for the times when you have company over. The best thing about these cups is that most of them can be washed and reused, and all of them can be simply thrown away. While there isn’t much to be said on most of these, all of them will do the job they are supposed to. The stylish tea cup designs make them a step above other disposable cups. Here are a few options.


Northwest Enterprises Deluxe Plastic Tea Cups
These are plastic mugs that can also be found in clear here. The design is quite nice, and they appear to be regular mugs at first glance. This is nice because it won’t ruin the mood of a gathering and you won’t feel like you’re using a disposable cup. The cups themselves are light-weight and surprisingly stronger than you would initially expect, although there are some who complain that they crack easily. This is unfortunately a problem that is common with most plastic cups in general, so it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.


Amscan Premium Clear Plastic Tea Cups
These mugs are made from a clear plastic with an easy to grip handle. These are a bit more heavy and sturdy than the average disposable cup. The sizable mug shape will hold plenty of liquid and look good while doing so. The sturdiness means you can reuse them if you want to.


Elegance Clear Plastic Tea Cups
These have a similar style and shape to the first disposable tea cups on this list, but the engraved designs on the side set them apart. They can hold up to 8 ounces and there are 40 in each pack, which should be enough for any get together thrown in a home. The mugs are durable enough for to reuse, but you can, of course, just toss them out if that’s necessary.


Emi Yoshi Square Plastic Mugs
These cups have an attractive, unique square design to them. The white color combined with the shape give them a very modern look. They’re pretty small, so they’re perfect for serving tea. The only downside with these is that they’re not stackable, so storage would be an issue if you want to reuse them.


Disposable Plastic Coffee Mugs
These come in an interesting contemporary shape unlike any of the other ones on this list, or even any other tea cups out there, disposable or not. They have a polished, high-gloss finish and they’re made from heavy-duty disposable plastic. Since they’re so sturdy, they can certainly be reused. The design is so nice, you’re probably going to want to keep them rather than throw them away.