Electric Teapot Favorites

Sure teapots are really nice, but they lack the ability to both steep your tea and heat your water all at once. That’s where an electric teapot comes in. There are several products that allow you to heat your water, steep your tea, and serve your tea all in one, giving you complete control over all aspects of the tea making process. Here are some of our favorites, and hopefully one of these can become yours as well.

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker
This tea maker works great as an electric teapot. An automated tea basket inside of the pot moves up and down. This allows the tea leaves to become agitated and thoroughly infuse your tea. This electric tea maker comes with several settings so that you can heat your water to precisely the temperature that your specific type of tea needs. It also has a little timer that allows you to see your time since brewing, this way you can keep note of how fresh your tea is.


Nesco Real Tea Maker
This electric teapot is great for those who want to make perfect tea and never over-steep. It will heat your water, steep your tea, and even keep your tea warm. You can go off and do other things, or enjoy your cup of tea slowly without worrying about your tea cooling down as your drink. This tea maker can brew both loose leaf teas and bag teas. You can control the strength of your tea by using the different settings for steeping times.


Cuisinart TEA-100 PercTemp Tea Steeper
We talk about this tea maker a lot here, and that’s because we really love it. This electric tea maker will do all the hard work for you. Use the preset water temperatures for your specific tea or set the timer to your own personal tastes. The tea steeper can also be removed and replaced with the kettle head lid to transform your appliance into something completely different. Like all good tea makers, this one comes with a 30 minute keep warm option. No cold tea for you and the people you share your tea with.


Krups Personal Tea Kettle with Infusion Basket
This kettle is perfect to use as your very own electric teapot. it will heat your water and infuse your tea to perfection. This tea maker has an internal circulation system. This means that the water will be circulated in the inside tube and into the mesh tea steeper for perfectly saturating all of your tea leaves. You’ll have a delicious infusion when it’s finished. The spout is designed so that pouring is easy and the lid is self locking.


Presto Boil & Brew Tea Kettle
This is a great electric teapot model for those with a smaller budget. While not as advanced as some of the other electric tea makers on this list, this one will definitely get the job done. It includes a built in timer and a thermometer that is color coded for different temperature recommendations for black, herbal, oolong, green and white tea. The pot itself is big enough to brew 5 cups of tea, and the spout is no drip for less mess. It also includes an automatic shut down feature if the pot boils all the water away.

No matter the price or brand, all of these are great options to choose from. You’ll find yourself experiencing tea in a way that you may never have thought possible.