Great Chinese Tea Sets

These Chinese Tea Sets are a wonderful way to improve the way you drink your tea. Use them to serve tea at dinner, for guests, or place them on display to add elegance to your home.


Teavana Blue Cherry Blossom Yixing Tea Set

This lovely Chinese Yixing tea set is handmade with an intricate cherry blossom design. Cherry blossoms represent spring and new beginnings, so it’s a really nice touch. The set includes 2 cups and a strainer basket, as well as the pot, of course. The pot is large enough to make up to 16 oz of tea. All of the pieces are ceramic. The material does absorb the flavors of the teas brewed within it, which may be a good or a bad thing depending on your tea drinking preferences. Overall this is one of the most beautiful Yixing tea sets available online.


Porcelain Chinese Tea Cup Set

While it doesn’t include a teapot, this beautiful set of Chinese tea mugs is a wonderful way to serve tea to guests or family. Each cup has its own unique, detailed design. 4 cups are included with designs representing things such as dragons, peonys, longevity, and 12 women. The designs are not hand painted. They appear to be decals that have been glazed over to provide permanence. If you’re picky about this sort of detailing, these are not good cups for you. Otherwise, they’re very lovely. Since these are porcelain cups, and they do not have handles, they do heat up when hot liquids are poured into them. Be sure to allow them to cool off before handling.


Clay Gongfu Tea Set

This Chinese tea set includes 3 cups, a pot, a tea tray and a portable bag, making this a beautiful set for traveling with. The pieces are made from clay and have a very simple and traditional appearance. The tray opens up and allows you to comfortably place all of the pieces inside, then you simply place the lid over it, and put it into the bag so it’s completely secure and safe from breaking.


Landscape Scenery Chinese Teapot Set

This wonderful Chinese set is the biggest one on the list with 10 pieces for the ultimate enjoyment of your tea with guests. This is a wonderful set for having friends over for a tea ceremony. The set includes a three piece gaiwan, a fairness pitcher, and 6 Chinese tea cups. The gaiwan is used to brew the tea, while the fairness pitcher holds brews from the gaiwan to produce a fair mixture of tea flavor. The set also comes with tea samples, which is a nice little bonus. The set as a whole is high quality, with a pearlescent finish to the porcelain,  and the designs on the pieces are very beautiful.