Great Tea Sets for Girls

Tea sets for girls are a perfect addition to any child’s toy collection. They are such a wonderful way to really nurture a young girl’s imagination and help them develop important social skills. And let’s not forget the most important thing, they’re fun! They’re also perfect for getting their interest in tea started at an early age. We all want someone to share our obsession with, and who better then with children?

This selection of children’s tea sets are elegant in style, ranging in porcelain china to a safer tin material for younger children. Check out our picks for the best, and choose the one you think your little girl will love.


Andrea by Sadek Children’s Tea Set
This is a very elegant tea set for girls in porcelain. It comes with 16 pieces, including a tray, a teapot, a creamer, a sugar bowl, four saucers, four cups, and four small plates. The cups and pots are white with pink and green floral detailing. The plates are in a pinkish color. The only complaint about this set is that it’s a bit smaller than it appears in the photo, however the measurements are listed on the product page, so it’s easy to figure out whether or not it will be appropriate for your child’s needs. The set is very high quality and it will absolutely last your child for years to come. It’s also a great little set for collectors.


Alex Toys Pretend & Play Tea Set with Basket
This porcelain tea set has a more modern style and design to it. It includes a basket to store all of the pieces, a teapot with a lid, a creamer, a sugar bowl with a lid, four cups, four saucers, four napkins, and a tablecloth. The wicker basket is super cute and makes it easy to travel around with everything packed away safely. It also makes cleanup time really simple. You won’t find all the little pieces lying around your child’s play room. The basket has handles, so it’s ideal for using outdoors and great for fun little picnics.


Deluxe Ceramic Tea Set with Basket
This ceramic tea set comes with everything necessary for a great tea party. It comes with 21 pieces, including an 8 ounce pot, four cups, four matching saucers, a sugar bowl, a creamer, four napkins and four spoons, as well as a basket. While a basket is convenient for keeping everything together and neat, it appears that this particular one is not the best for keeping the dishes protected. Once the plastic is removed, it becomes difficult to find a way to safely place the pieces back inside. It’s recommended to wrap the dishes in tissue to protect them within the basket.


Miniature Polka Dot Tin Tea Set
This is a great tea set in tin. It’s the perfect size for small hands, and safe to use since tin won’t break the way porcelain might. It packs away neatly in the little matching suitcase that’s included. This is a great set for very young girls thanks to the unbreakable material. The set comes with 15 pieces, including a lidded teapot, four plates, four cups, four saucer, and a serving tray. It’s incredibly study and light weight.


Rosanna Tea For Me Too Tea Set and Gift Box
This is a really gorgeous tea set thanks to the incredible colors and the great collectible hat box included. The set itself is made from study stoneware. It’s actually a smaller version of a real tea set for adults. This is a great option for children who want something more functional and less like a toy since it can easily be used with real tea. The set includes four cups, four saucers, a teapot, a sugar bowl, and a creamer. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe, however it is recommended to hand-wash whenever possible because the handles are delicate.


Porcelain Butterfly and Dragonfly Miniature Tea Set
This is one of the most beautiful lower priced tea sets for girls. It’s FDA approved, so it should be completely safe to use with liquids. The larger size makes it a good choice for older children. The decorations include beautiful little butterfly and assorted bug details with a gold border trim. It includes 2 teacups and two saucers, a creamer, a sugar bowl, one pot and a tray. This may be the best little set for a pair of sisters!