GROSCHE Munich Glass teapot and 12 premium blooming tea gift set

GROSCHE Munich 42 fl oz. 1200ml Glass teapot and 12 premium blooming tea gift set

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This is a great tea gift set that comes complete with a glass teapot that is stove top safe. Included in the set is a tea infuser and a variety pack of 12 blooming flowering teas. This teapot doubles as a kettle when the tea infuser is removed and can be safely used on an open flame. All of the blooming teas are easy to make and come with instructions to help you get started. The flowers that bloom are jasmine, chrysanthemum and lily and they are all edible. The blooms can be re-steeped up to three times.

What do I get?
-1250 ml glass teapot which will make 4-6 cups of tea.
-Removable infuser to be used with loose leaf tea or removed to turn pot into kettle.
12 Green and white hand made blooming teas
-Pot is made from borosilicate thermal glass
-Safe to be used on electric, gas and ceramic stovetops

What do the customers think?
The buzz around the GROSCHE Munich glass teapot gift set is completely positive. It’s a set that would make a great gift for any tea lover, or even for people who are interested in just starting to try tea for the first time. This is highly recommended to those looking to buy a teapot for the first time.

Everyone who has tried the tea that comes with the set love it and think it tastes great. The blooming flowers are a lot of fun to watch, and they would make a great surprise to those who have never heard of blooming tea before. Gather some friends and surprise them with the magic of the blossoming flower in the pot. It looks gorgeous.

As for the teapot itself, many customers love it and think it works great. They love how the teapot can be converted into a kettle by removing the infuser. Everyone who has used the teapot on a stove have not had any problems with it.

It was difficult to find any negatives about this teapot. The only complaint was a small one. One customer felt that the infuser did not go deep enough and didn’t like that they had to make multiple cups of tea at a time.

The bottom line
This pot is gorgeous and the fact that it comes with the blooming teas makes it a great gift for a friend, family member, or even for yourself! If you want to buy a teapot this is a great one to get.