Old Dutch 38 Ounce Cast Iron Nobility Teapot

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This is a beautiful cast iron teapot that combines a traditional Japanese style with modern aesthetics. This teapot is a great size at 38 ounces. The surface is textured with images of bamboo and pine. While cast iron teapots were traditionally used for boiling water in Japan, this particular teapot is only meant for brewing tea. It has a stainless steal infusing basket that hangs from the rim. This cast iron teapot is amazing because it will last a long time and wont chip or break unlike ceramic pots or glass pots.

Product features and specifications
-This teapot is 38 ounces
-Made from cast iron with a coated inside to help prevent rust
-Upside down bowl shape with textured finish and bamboo and pine design.
-Stainless steel tea infuser
-Wash by hand

Teapot Reviews
People who own this pot love it because it will last so long. Unlike other pots, there is no way to easily break a teapot like this because it is made from iron. You’d have to put in the effort to get it to break. This is a wonderful heavy duty and durable teapot. Those who buy this teapot are not unhappy with how sturdy it it.

The only complaint about this teapot is that it cannot be used on a stove. Some customers who bought it were disappointed when they found they were unable to do so, however with careful reading of the product description, it clearly states that you cannot use this cast iron pot on a stove, so if you are looking for something to use on a stove top, go for a tea kettle.

Customers love the way this pot steeps loose tea leaves. It makes a perfect cup of tea each time. For the best brew it is recommended to warm the pot up first with hot water before adding the boiling water and loose tea.This teapot is recommended for people who are really into tea. It also keeps the tea warm for a really long time. If you want to buy a teapot with more flare then others, get this one.