Oolong Tea Health Benefits


Oolong tea is a lot more than just a delicious beverage served at Chinese restaurants. Oolong tea is not only well loved for its incredible flavor, but its robust health benefits as well. Oolong tea undergoes a partial oxidation process, making it a cross between black tea and green tea, and as a result it shares many of the health benefits of both.

As with all tea health benefits, it’s always important to keep in mind that tea is not a miracle cure for any ailment, and it should not be used as a substitution for seeking medical help or taking prescribed medications. Nonetheless, including more of this yummy drink into your diet to reap the many health benefits of oolong tea can only be a good thing.

What’s in oolong tea?

Oolong tea is packed with antioxidants and includes many of the very good things found in all teas, such as vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, calcium, manganese, carotin, selenium, potassium and folic acid. Additionally, Oolong tea includes caffeine and polyphenol.

What are the benefits of oolong tea?

Some of the benefits of oolong tea are better heart health, improvement to the digestive system, stronger bones and teeth, a stronger immune system, weight loss, and lower blood sugar levels in those with diabetes. Let’s take a more in depth look at all the things this wonderful tea may be able o do for you.

The heart

One of the greatest oolong tea benefits is just how good it is for the heart. One study conducted on participants between the ages of 40-79 found that those who drank oolong tea on a regular basis had a lower risk of heart disease than those who were not drinking the tea. Another such study showed that the antioxidants found in oolong tea helped with better cholesterol. Lower cholesterol levels means you’ll be less at risk for heart attacks.


The benefits of drinking oolong tea are numerous for those suffering from diabetes. One study showed that participants with type 2 diabetes who drank oolong tea daily for 30 days were able to reduce their blood sugar levels, as opposed to those who drank water daily for the 30 days. More studies have shown that combining oolong tea with hyperglycemic drugs better regulated blood sugar levels, compared to when the drugs were taken on their own.

Weight loss

Out of all the oolong health benefits, the tea’s ability to increase weight loss may be the one that appeals to most poeple. A study that was conducted on 102 overweight subjects found that drinking oolong tea each day helped improve their metabolism and reduce their body weight. After drinking the tea for 6 weeks, over half of the participants lost more than 2.2 pounds, while 22 percent of the participants lost more than 6.6 pounds. When combined with other good health habits and exercise, the results of drinking oolong tea each day could be even more stellar.

Oolong tea’s weight loss benefits are attributed to the caffeine and polyphenol content. Polyphenol is a compound that is effective in controlling metabolism. A study conducted on mice found that the mice that were given polyphenols had a decline in body weight, even when they were on a diet high in fats and sugars.

Another study found that those who drank oolong tea burned 67 more calories each day than those who only drank water.


Another health benefit of oolong tea that may improve physical appearance is how it affects the skin. Some studies have found that drinking oolong tea throughout the day could improve the skin of those with eczema and other skin conditions. Certain components found within oolong tea act as an anti-allergen, providing relief for numerous skin problems and skin irritation. Those who continued to drink tea for over 6 months found that they have long lasting improvement to their skin.

The better skin effects of oolong tea can also be attributed to the antioxidant content. The antioxidants contained in oolong tea can slow down the oxidation of cells, providing a youthful appearance and overall healthier skin.

Bones and teeth

As we age, we lose bone mass and our bones become weaker, making us more susceptible to diseases such as osteoporosis. One amazing benefit of oolong tea that can take care of this is that it can strengthen bone structure. Studies have shown that those who drank oolong or black tea consistently over the course of 10 years were less likely to lose bone mineral density. On top of that, oolong tea helped to retain minerals from consumed foods.

Oolong tea also does a superb job at protecting against tooth decay and improving overall oral health. Oolong tea can reduce the growth of bacteria and prevent against the build up of plaque, leaving you with better, stronger teeth. In general, tea drinkers have fewer cavities and better dental health than those who consume coffee and sodas, even if they add sugar to their drink.

Mental health and stress

The caffeine content of oolong tea is just the right amount for improving mental performance and maintaining alertness. The amount of caffeine contained in oolong is still far less than that of coffee, so while it’s great at stimulating the mind, it’s also a very relaxing beverage to enjoy. It will help to alleviate stress, while keeping you feeling rejuvenated.


Oolong tea aids the digestive tract by reducing inflammation in those who have acid reflux and ulcers. Oolong tea is mildly antiseptic, so it clears out bad bacteria from inside of the stomach. When consumed hot, it does a great job at soothing an upset stomach.