Pu-erh Tea Health Benefits


Tea really is something that everyone should include in their daily diet thanks to the plentiful health benefits that you can get from it. Like many teas, there are numerous health benefits of pu-erh tea. Read on to learn what it is, and what the positive effects of pu-erh tea can be for you

What is Pu-erh Tea?

Pu-erh tea is made by fermenting the tea leaves and then storing them for a long time, sometimes even years, under high humidity. The storage time is what really sets it apart from other fermented teas. The longer the tea is stored, the better the taste. Pu-erh is very much like wine. There are some that have been aged for as long as 50-100 years. These high-quality, aged teas can dramatically drive up the price. Some are incredibly expensive, but most average pu-erh teas can be found at everyday prices.

Because of the aging process, bad pu-erh may have an unpleasant, moldy taste. However, when done correctly, pu-ehr should have a flavor that is deep, rich and earthy.

Pu-erh can be enjoyed a number of ways. The deep flavors may appeal to those who are avid coffee drinkers. It can be paired with rich desserts, and because this tea has many properties that aid in digestion, it can be enjoyed after a heavy meal.

Brewing Pu-erh tea is similar to the way black tea is brewed. Just bring the water to a vigorous boil and pour over the tea. Allow it to steep for 2-5 minutes.

The Benefits of Pu-erh Tea

There are many Pu-erh tea health benefits. Pu-erh is effective in treating high cholesterol, creating mental alertness through caffeine content, aiding in digestion and even breaking down fat. There haven’t been many medical studies done with Pu-erh, so like with any other tea, it’s not recommended to stop going to the doctor and drinking only tea to treat all ailments. However, adding tea as a part of an overall healthy diet is always a great idea.

In traditional Chinese herbalism, one of the biggest pu-erh tea benefits is that it’s good for blood cleansing and digestion. Because of this, it is often enjoyed after heavy, greasy meals, or used as a way to cure a hangover. Pu-erh is believed to invigorate the spleen and stomach so that they work together in harmony, helping to process foods and sugars, and aid in proper digestion and elimination. As the toxins are removed from the body, blood circulation is promoted, and it can even induce weight loss.

Weight loss
One great benefit of Pu-erh tea is the positive effects on weight. A study showed that because of the catechins, caffeine, and theanine contained in Pu-erh, it was better able to regulate and reduce body weight, more so than other teas studied. The study, conducted by the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, also found that the fat content in the liver was reduced.

Lower cholesterol
Pu-erh tea can be used to lower cholesterol because it contains a small amount of a chemical called lovastatin. Lovastatin is contained in medicine that is prescribed for lowering cholesterol. More lovastatin is produced the longer the tea has been aged.

One study showed that Pu-erh was effective in lowering the level of LDL (bad cholesterol) and raising the level of HDL (good cholesterol)

Increase in energy and metabolism
Like coffee, the caffeine contained in fermented teas give a boost to energy and alertness. Coffee, however, can cause a quick crash after having a temporary energy high. It leaves you feeling incredibly fatigued later on in the day. Tea, on the other hand, spreads energy more evenly, allowing you to feel the benefits of an energy boost without the afternoon crash.