Should you add milk to your tea?

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It is often believed that using milk in your tea may diminish it’s health benefits. Adding milk to your tea may make it more delicious, but if you are drinking the tea to be more healthy, will the milk ruin it? While there is nothing harmful about enjoying milk in your tea, before you turn on your electric teapot, read to find out if you should have the occasional cup without it to get the most health benefits from it.

According to some scientists, one of the reasons that milk may ruin the health benefits of tea is because the proteins in the milk can bond with the flavonols that are in the tea. This makes it more difficult for the body to absorb the flavonols, which is where the health benefits come from.

However, there are some doctors who are not convinced that adding milk will affect the tea in a significant way. Many believe that there is not enough evidence to prove that milk eliminates the benefits of the flavanols and most people only add a small amount of milk to their tea anyway. This small portion of milk is not enough to negatively affect the tea.

Health may not be the only reason that some people opt out of adding milk to tea. Milk can of course affect the flavor of some teas. There are simply some teas that are better enjoyed for the taste of the herbs. Tea experts recommend swishing the tea in your mouth for a bit before you decide whether or not you should add milk to the cup.

Adding milk to your tea won’t be the end of the world, but it’s a great idea to mix it up once in a while. Enjoy a cup of tea with milk in it for lunch and later on in the day enjoy a nice natural cup of green tea.