Should you add milk to your tea?


Photo source It is often believed that using milk in your tea may diminish it’s health benefits. Adding milk to your tea may make it more delicious, but if you are drinking the tea to be more healthy, will the milk ruin it? While there is nothing harmful about enjoying milk in your tea, before […]

Great things to do with your used tea bags

tea bag

Photo by julia stotz Sure the obvious use of a tea bag would be for steeping an amazingly delicious cup of tea, but have you ever wondered what other ways they could be used? There are a number of things that you can use your tea bags for to help improve your health and life. […]

Tea or Coffee: Which is healthier for you?

coffee and tea

Photo Source Tea and Coffee are the number one go to drinks in the morning and through out the day, but which one of better for you? The answer may depend on what you are looking to get from your delicious, warm beverage. Both coffee and tea contain their own health benefits, but what is […]

Fun ways to use tea besides drinking it

pouring tea

Photo source Tea is amazing because it tastes delicious, there are tons of health benefits, and there are also a number of ways that you can use it in your home besides simply drinking it. Here are some ways that tea can help some areas of your life that you may not have known before. […]

How to detox your body with the best detox tea

Detox tea

Research ┬áhas shown that by using herbs you can help your body cleanse. The best detox tea blends are especially great for helping any liver disease and also helps to improve the functions of your liver and strengthen your liver in general. Improving your liver can also mean improved, radiant skin. If you are going […]