The Best Ceramic Electric Kettle

If you love the classic look of a traditional teapot, but still want the ease of boiling water in an electric kettle, then these ceramic electric kettles are the perfect match for you. You’ll get the elegance of a teapot, but maintain the quick boiling power that teapots don’t have. Any of these would be incredible as a gift for tea drinkers, or for displaying out on the counter in your own home.


BELLA Ceramic Electric Kettle

This ceramic electric kettle is easily one of the best looking kettles around. Not only is it completely beautiful, but it’s incredibly functional. The kettle holds 1.2 Liters of water and heats that water quickly with 1200 watts of power. The on/off light glows blue, so you know when it’s active. There’s no sound when the water has finished boiling, but the light will turn off and the switch will pop back up, giving you an indication that the job is done, as long as you stick around. Boil dry protection ensures that the kettle will never be damaged.

The kettle has a concealed heating element. It’s also cordless, with the cord attached to the base. When not in use, you can wrap the cord under the base and keep it neat and tidy. The hot water in the pot will stay warm for a reasonable amount of time. When you’re ready to serve, the water is easy to pour out due to the shape of the spout.

This one is a lot heavier than glass or metal kettles, so I wouldn’t recommend it to the elderly, or those who have any conditions that make lifting hefty objects difficult. Additionally, care must be taken with it because it’s a lot easier t break than a glass carafe.



LuguLake Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle

LuguLake’s ceramic kettle will look beautiful on any kitchen counter. The kettle quickly heats up water and stays very quiet while doing so. The water will stay hot for long enough to have multiple cups of tea. The bottom of the kettle is a plastic material that stays very cool and can be placed on a surface after boiling. The inside is ceramic, which leaves no strange taste or smell in the water. Like all good kettles, the cord wraps up neatly in the base.

Similar to the Bella kettle, this one is very heavy when filled with water. Once again, ceramic kettles are not the best bet for people who want something easy to lift.

The lid twists shut and it’s very important to make sure that it’s closed properly or else the kettle will not turn off automatically. When your water is all ready, you can get a nice, controlled pour thanks to the size and shape of the spout.



GForce Ceramic Electric Teapot

This ceramic kettle has all the great qualities of the first two on this list. It’s a bit less powerful, at 900 watts, but it still heats up to 1 liter of water very quickly. It has automatic shutoff and a light to indicate when it’s on or off. The pot is cordless, with the cord attached to to the rotating base. It has a hefty lid on top, however it stays on securely when pouring.

One thing that this kettle has over the others is that is not as heavy, and that’s a big bonus for those who want the stylish look without the difficult carrying weight. Additionally, this kettle has a ceramic filter in the spout, allowing you to brew your loose leaves directly in the pot if you want to.



FixtureDisplays Electric Ceramic Kettle

FixtureDisplays’ ceramic kettle has a more fun, contemporary design. 1000 watts of power heats up 1.3 L of water very quickly. It has a power light indicator, and wire management is easy, simply store the cord away in the base. The kettle also includes an auto shutoff feature, of course. Unfortunately, this one is also very heavy when filed. After regular use and washings, there is no wear on the design or the pot itself. While not completely plastic free, the only plastic you’ll find on the inside is the max line indicator.



Aunt Polly’s Electric Ceramic Teapot

There’s not much to say on this ceramic pot that hasn’t been said about the others, but it’s adorable and still worth a mention. Like the rest on the list, this kettle has automatic shutoff. It’s a nice, small size at 34 oz, which also makes it quite a bit lighter than the others. The kettle is very quiet as it’s boiling water and when you’re all done, it’s easy to clean.