The Best Cordless Electric Tea Kettle

An electric tea kettle is the only way to go when it comes to boiling water quickly and efficiently, but a long cord can really get in the way of mobility and ease of use. All of the devices on this list include a cord at the base, leaving the kettle itself free to be lifted and moved all around the house. Plus they’re all incredibly affordable for any home budget.


Epica Cordless Tea Kettle

The Epica cordless kettle has 1500 watts of power, allowing you to boil water faster than both a stove and a microwave. You’ll have a cup of boiling water ready for tea in two minutes.

The kettle includes a number of useful safety features such as auto shutoff when the water has finished boiling, a light that indicates when the kettle is on, a locking lid, and a water level gauge window. The kettle lifts completely off of the base, making it both easy to pour and fill. When you’re finished up, simply store the cord away inside of the base.

The kettle has good pour control, with no dripping, thanks to the shape of the spout and the light weight. The spout includes a filter, so that all of the water poured from it is pure and clean. Additionally, the handle is comfortable to grip. While this kettle doesn’t have a keep warm feature, it will preserve heat for quite some time after it has been shut off.



Chefman Electric Cordless Tea Kettle

Of all the cordless electric kettles for brilliant prices, this one reigns supreme. Unlike all of the others on this list, this one includes temperature control features while still being just as affordable as the others, and especially more affordable when compared to other kettles with temperature settings. This is the best cordless tea kettle for those who are serious about brewing the perfect cup of tea or coffee.

This kettle allows you to set it to boil water and brew tea at temperature ranges from 120 to 212 degrees at 10 degree intervals, giving you all together about 10 different heating settings. When your water is boiled to the precise temperature, there is an auto shutoff feature to keep the pot from getting damaged. A subtle beep will alert you of when the water has finished boiling. If you want to keep your water at the desired temperature, there is a setting to do so for up to 60 minutes.

At the base, you’ll have all of the buttons for adjusting the temperature, all of which are very easy to figure out and use. There’s also an LED on the base so that the temperature is always visible.

The lid seals very securely, but it also opens easily with a button located on the handle. The spout is designed so that it’s easy to pour out a smooth, consistent stream of water with complete control.

A tea infuser is included, so you’ll even be able to brew your tea directly inside without any additional teapots. Overall, this is the best cordless kettle on the list for its robust features.



Melitta Cordless Tea Kettle

This cordless kettle from Melitta is a great little product with all the features you need for quickly boiling water. The stainless steel kettle has an auto shutoff feature to prevent boiling dry. There is a push button that gently opens the lid, making it very easy to fill. The opening at the top after the lid is removed is very wide, so it’s very easy to clean. It’s always easy to see the water inside with the illuminated water window. Inside of the spout is a removable mesh filter for water purification.

Like all good cordless kettles, the cord at the base slides inside for mess free storage.

An often overlooked feature of a good kettle is how it handles after it’s heated. This one is easy to pick up because the handle stays cool. The kettle even includes a nice little tea guide with tips for brewing the perfect cup of tea.



Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Kettle

I love this kettle by Hamilton Beach because it has all the functionality of an electric kettle with the beautiful appearance of a traditional stove kettle.

Looks aside, this kettle has it all. It has an auto shutoff feature and heats water very quickly. The heating element is concealed. A light indicator is included so that you’ll always know when it’s on.

The position of the handle on the top, rather than on the side, makes lifting and pouring easy. The handle also stays very cool, however the outside of the pot can become very hot, so it’s best not to touch it. On the other hand, the base of the pot stays cool enough to set it down on any surface.



Aroma Hot H20 X-Press Electric Cordless Tea Kettle

This kettle has all the great features you want from an electric kettle all packed into a visually stunning design. The kettle sits on a 360 swivel base, allowing you to lift it up for cordless pouring. The handle stays cool, there’s a water level indicator, and auto shutoff features. The spout is completely drip free and includes a removable filter.

The kettle is easy to clean because of the concealed heating element. It’s overall very durable, and can easily last several years, even with daily use, multiple times a day. Like many other kettles, this pot unfortunately gets very hot on the outside, so it must be handled with care. There are some complaints about the auto shutoff feature failing, but this could easily be attributed to certain people not sealing the top of the kettle correctly. When the kettle is snapped shut completely, everything should function properly.