The Best Electric Tea Kettles

the best electric tea kettles

An electric tea kettle can really make life easier for people who drink tea on the regular. But which is the best electric tea kettle for you? Read on to find the perfect kettle to meet your daily needs.

Krups Silver Art Collection Electric Kettle
This is a beautiful and stylist electric tea kettle with a chrome finish. There is a water level indicator on both sides. It features the ability to be shut off manually or automatically. This kettle also has an anti-scale filter which will keep the water tasting delicious every time.

Cuisineart PerecTemp Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle
This is hands down my personal best electric tea kettle. This tea kettle has 6 preset heat settings so that tea can be steeped at the perfect temperature. It has a 20 minute keep warm feature so that your water will stay hot even if you’ve forgotten about it. The removable scale filter and boil dry protection auto safety shutoff make this kettle even more perfect.

Breville Variable Temperature Kettle
This electric kettle has 5 preset times for different water heating temperatures. It features a hold temp button that will keep the water at a selected temperature for up to 20 minutes. Never have another cup of tea with the wrong temperature water again with this kettle.

DeLonghi Stainless Steel Cordless Water Kettle
This cordless electric kettle will boil up to 60 ounces of water super quick. This is a more simple kettle for those who don’t need one with zillions of settings. It has two different heat settings, one for 212 degrees and the other for 176 degrees. The water window illuminates to indicate whether the water is at full boil, delicate brew, or in keep warm mode.

Brentwood Stainless Steel Tea Kettle
This is a great kettle with all of the features necessary in a good electric model. It has a brushed stainless steel finish. This kettle has an auto shut off feature when boiling or when dry and also has an overheat shut off. The kettle easily lifts off of the base so that it can be used without the cord.

Aroma Digital Electric Water Kettle
This great electric kettle can be set at 4 digital temperature settings for the perfect heat for any hot beverage. The temperature of the water will be maintained for up to 20 minutes with the keep warm setting. The display shows real time temperature readings so you can know exactly what temperature your water is at. It also changes color to represent each temperature level. If you’re very specific about your water temperature this is the best electric tea kettle for you.

Chef’s Choice Cordless Electric Glass Kettle
This beautiful electric kettle is made from glass and stainless steel. The heating element is concealed and never comes in contact with the water, eliminating the worry of mineral deposit build up. This is the best electric tea kettle for those who really don’t want to worry about descaling their kettle. This kettle will heat water faster than a stove or the microwave.

Krups Prelude Electric Kettle with Blue Lighting Water Level Indicator
This is another tea kettle that features a concealed heating element. It’s set on a swivel base so that the water can be poured cordless. The lid opens automatically and it has an unlock button and auto shut off making it extra safe. This kettle will boil water quickly and quietly.

Finding the best electric tea kettle for your needs is really a matter of finding one that  has all the settings you need. Hopefully one of these great kettles has exactly what you are looking for.