The Best Iced Tea Maker

If you’re a tea lover, then you probably want to drink tea all of the time, even when it’s hot outside. But adding extra heat to the heat can be mighty unpleasant. That’s when iced tea comes in. Iced tea gives you the tea fix you need, with some extra thirst quenching power. Finding the best iced tea maker will make the brewing and the chilling process even easier. Here are some of the best iced tea makers that will keep your refrigerator stocked with iced tea all through the warm weather. Most of these are really inexpensive and make a great addition to any kitchen.


Mr. Coffee Tea Cafe Electric Iced Tea Maker

Don’t let the word coffee in the title throw you off, this guy will make you a delicious cup of iced tea. It makes the brewing process really simple. Just add the tea and water into the basket and hit brew. Brewing is quick, so you’ll have iced tea in minutes. You can use this iced tea maker with bags or tea leaves, and the brew strength is adjustable. It brews up to 2.5 quarts of tea. The brew basket is dishwasher safe with a permanent filter. The pitcher is dishwasher safe as well. The overall design of the pitcher is really nice. It’ll great if you decide to set it on the counter or when serving guests. 20 recipes are also included to help inspire you.



Oster Iced Tea Brewing Machine

This is an iced tea maker with tons of great features. You can use it with tea bags or tea leaves, and like all good tea makers, the steeping strength and brew strength are adjustable. An auto shut-off feature is included, so you won’t have to watch over it while your tea is brewing. The 2.5 quart pitcher is dishwasher safe and a permanent filter is included. This is a sturdy iced tea brewer machine, so it will hold up well to daily used. The overall design is really great because it can hold any pitcher, not just the one included with it. As long as the size is right, slip it under and make some tea.



West Bend Iced Tea Maker

Use this with the timed brew and steeping settings to make the perfect strength of tea, sweetened, or unsweetened. The thing that sets this iced tea machine apart from all the others is that it includes a removable sweetener chamber. Add sugar to the chamber when brewing your tea so that the sugar is completely dissolved into the liquid. If you don’t want sweetened tea, it’s easy to remove the chamber and use the machine without it. Brewing is quick and cleanup is breezy with this fantastic iced tea maker. Some other features includes a strength selector, indicator light, and auto shut-off. The pitcher included is 2.75 quarts and made from plastic.


Want to go Non-Electric?


Takeya Iced Tea Maker Set

This iced tea making set includes a 24 ounce tea maker with an infuser and a 66 ounce chilling pitcher. Both of the pitchers are made from healthy, non-toxic AcraGlass. This set is great because it includes everything you need all in one, without the use of electricity. Brew the tea inside of the small pitcher and then transfer the tea into the ice-filled chilling pitcher. Close the lid and shake well and you’ll have delicious iced tea. The lid is airtight, so nothing will spill or leak when shaking and pouring, and the freshness will be locked in. The pitchers are very nicely designed and lightweight. They can hold both boiling hot beverages and freezing cold liquid without a problem. The removable, rotating lid infuser will extract flavor from the tea bags or tea leaves fully. Everything included is dishwasher safe. Although tea is normally staining, the AcraGlass is fantastic because it won’t become discolored or absorb odors.


Perfect for One


Hamilton Beach Iced Tea Brewer

This is the best iced tea maker for brewing a single glass every time. The iced tea will pour straight into the glass, rather than making a full pitcher. The tea is made in minutes. It’s small, so it’s portable enough to bring to the office and use at a desk. Use it with tea bags or loose tea. Paper filters are not necessary. Recipes are also included to get you started. This iced tea maker is really great for anyone who wants a fresh glass of tea every time instead of tea from a pitcher that has been sitting in the refrigerator for hours.