The Best Plastic Free Electric Kettle

A kettle is a must have for any tea lover, but for those on the hunt for appliances without plastic, finding such a simple item can be a difficult task. Plastic free kettles are often sought after since frequently boiling water can break down the plastics, increasing the chance that chemicals will leak into the water. It’s easy to see why some might want to avoid this, even when the plastic in the kettle is BPA free. Fortunately there are several electric kettles without plastic that will give you purest water possible for your beverages.


Precise HeatTM Non-Plastic Electric Kettle

The Precise Heat kettle has absolutely no plastic that touches the water in the interior. One of the problems that people still face with their all stainless steel kettles is that the kettle will still include plastic on the lid or the water indicator. This kettle, however, has neither of these. The interior is 100% stainless steel with a concealed heating element. You get all of this in a gorgeously stylish design.

This 100% plastic free electric tea kettle includes the standard boil dry protection and automatic shutoff. The cord can be stored away in the removable base, however, rather than being retractable, you must wind the cord into the base manually. The water boils very quickly, and it should be noted that because of the fully stainless steel body, the kettle will become very hot to touch, including the knob on the lid. It’s best not to touch anything but the handle when there is hot water within.

Additionally, the spout is perfectly designed for a smooth, controlled pour without any spilling.



Toastess Cordless Tea Kettle

The Toastess cordless kettle had a glass body, free of plastic everywhere except for the lid and a small filter in the spout. Both these units of plastic are BPA free and because you wouldn’t be filling your kettle to the top, they will never come into contact with the water as it’s heating up. One of the great things about having a glass kettle is you’ll be able to get a good view of your water as it boils, unlike a stainless steel electric kettle without plastic. Another bonus of an all glass interior is not having to worry about any metal parts rusting or corroding.

The concealed heating element will boil water quickly and allow for easy cleanup. When the water has finished boiling, the kettle will automatically shutoff, and you can begin boiling again with a simple touch of a button. The kettle will also shut off when it is lifted from the base, or if it is plugged in while dry.

This kettle is very large, perfect for a house full of tea drinkers. The lid snaps on tightly, and when lifted, the opening at the top is large enough for an easy clean up.



Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Cordless Electric Kettle

The Cool-Touch from Hamilton beach is a completely plastic free tea kettle everywhere but the lid. This kettle has a double wall stainless steel design, meaning the outside of the kettle will stay very cool to the touch, as the name says. This extra insulation does an incredible job of keeping the water hot for long stretches of time.

The kettle includes a concealed heating element and has a cordless serving design. It has automatic shut off and a mineral deposit filter. There’s no dripping from the spout, or the lid, which locks shut. The lid is spring loaded and pops open when touching a button. You can also remove the lid completely, revealing a wide mouth perfect for easy filling and cleaning. The only downside to this kettle is that it doesn’t include a detailed water level indicator. It does, however, have a max fill mark inside.



Aroma Simply Stainless Electric Kettle

Despite the plastic appearance of this kettle, the inside is 100% stainless steel. Even the underside of the cover is made from stainless steel.

This no plastic electric kettle is huge, boiling seven cups of water. Even with the large capacity, the water will heat up very fast. The exterior of the kettle stays cool to touch after the water is heated, and it will hold the temperature of the water for a long time.

The kettle has automatic shut off. On the inside, there are several water level markings that are incredibly helpful when it comes to a kettle of this size.



SPT Cordless Electric Kettle

If you can get past the complications with the lid, which some complain stops working after several months, while others see no problems, this is a nice little stainless steel electric kettle without plastic. The kettle includes automatic and manual shut off, and a concealed heating element. It’s cord-free and lifts easily from the base. However, those with larger hands may want to look elsewhere as the opening at the top is a bit small, which could make cleaning the inside difficult.