The Best Tea Kettle Styles

tea kettle

Finding the best tea kettle for you will help you make the perfect tea every time. There are several styles of tea kettles to choose from, and each one has its benefits depending on the needs of the user. Below are some of the main kinds of tea kettles that you can choose from, all providing a range of benefits and personal traits.

Stovetop Tea Kettles
Stovetop kettles come in all shapes, sizes, materials and styles. The water is placed inside of the kettle and then put on top of the stove to boil. The material that the kettle is made from will determine how hot the water will boil, how long the water will take to boil and how long the water will retain heat. These kettles are often favored for their low prices and ability to be used without a plug. A whistling tea kettle is a fantastic type to use on the stove.

Cast Iron Tea Kettles
These tea kettles are incredibly durable and damage resistant. With proper care and maintenance, a cast iron tea kettle can be the longest lasting kettle. They heat up very quickly and retain the heat for a long amount of time after being removed from the stove. These kettles are prone to rusting, and as a result should be dried well after every use.

Copper Tea Kettles
Copper tea kettles are sturdy and long lasting, but their material tarnishes quickly. Boiling on low to medium heat is ideal with this kind of kettle because they conduct heat quickly. Because of the quick heating time, these kettles are the most energy efficient.

Glass Tea Kettles
Glass tea kettles provide a clean, metal free flavor. While easy to maintain since they don’t rust, glass tea kettles are, of course, prone to easy damage. However, this can be avoided if the user is careful. Glass tea kettles have slow boiling times. This is good if the user is the kind of person who often finds their water has evaporated after leaving it on the stove for too long.

Stainless Steel Tea Kettles
This is another kind of kettle that will not leave behind a metal flavor. These tea kettles are easy to clean and maintain. They won’t rust or tarnish the way other metal tea kettles might. That makes them perfect for those who want a low maintenance kettle. The downside of a stainless steel kettle is that they may take longer to boil the water, making them less energy efficient than other models.

Electric Tea Kettles
Electric tea kettles generate their own heat through a heating element.This is one of the best tea kettle styles because they come with an incredible amount of features that allow you to precisely control the temperature of the water, and make the perfect cup of tea depending on the tea type. Electric kettles come with features that will let you to continue heating the pot for a period of time, or shut down automatically when not in use. The amount of control that an electric tea kettle can allow you will certainly outweigh the higher cost. Another benefit of using an this kind of kettle is that they are incredibly portable and can be used even if there is no kitchen available. You can see some of the top choices for those here.