The Best Tea Sampler Set

Tea samplers are such a wonderful way to keep your tea drinking routine interesting by allowing you to get a taste of a huge variety of flavors and blends. With a sampler set you can try different flavors that you may be hesitant to purchase in full size to expand your taste and discover new favorites. They’re also the best bet for a family that has different tea drinking preferences. Here are some incredible tea sampler box sets that’ll make you want to try all the flavors in one go.


Bentley’s Finest Tea Classic Collection

This tea sampler box comes with 120 tea bags in adorable assorted tins all contained in one larger tin. The tins that come with this set are so practical that you’re going to want to reuse them. They also do a terrific job at keeping the tea fresh. The teas included are english breakfast, earl grey, orange spice tea, peach, raspberry and green tea. There’s something for everyone in the house. The black tea that is used as the base for all except the green tea has an amazing, smooth taste. The fruit flavored teas taste very clean and refreshing. This collection is the perfect assortment for any tea lover. [Buy on Amazon]


Wissotzky Magic Tea Box

The Magic Tea Box from Wissotzky includes 80 bags of 8 different tea varieties. The Teas included in the tea sampler gift box are nana tea, lemon tea, cherry tea, raspberry tea, English breakfast tea, earl grey tea, chamomile tea, and wildberry nectar tea. Each tea bag is individually packaged and everything comes packed nicely in a beautiful wooden gift box. The box is great for presentation, with different slots for each variety of tea. You can reuse and refill the box with new tea when you run out. On the inside, there is a list with a description of each tea within. The variety of tea inside includes a nice balance between fruity, non-fruity, and herbal flavors, all of which taste delicious. [Buy on Amazon]


Tazo Assorted Tea Sampler Pack

This is the best tea sampler for anyone looking to try out Tazo tea for the first time, or for an already established lover of the brand. The set includes 6 packs of different Tazo Tea blends. Each box includes 20 bags of tea. The flavors included are Zen, Passion, Calm Chamomile, Earl Grey, Awake English Breakfast, and Organic Chai. All of the teas have varying levels of caffeine, so there’s something to have throughout the day and the night. Each tea has its own instructions for brewing times and temperatures. If you’ve already had Tazo tea before, then you know that their teas are all fresh and delicious tasting. Purchasing this tea sampler set will come out to less money than if you were to buy each of the flavors individually. [Buy on Amazon]


The Scottish Collection Tea Sampler Pack

This sampler pack includes 40 tea bags, 10 of each flavor. It’s a great collection that captures classic Scottish tastes in your cup. The pack includes Thistle Tea, Heather Tea, Whisky Tea, and Scottish Breakfast Tea. The flavors are delicate, but still very distinctive. Each one tastes wonderful when sugar and milk are added. This will also bring out the flavors more. [Buy on Amazon]


Black British Tea Variety Pack

This pack is one of the best tea samplers for lovers of British tea. It comes with 6 boxes of tea, each with 20 tea bags. The flavors included are English breakfast, English afternoon, earl grey, chai, peach, and lemon. The tea bags are foil wrapped to preserve the freshness of each blend. Each tea has a wonderful, authentic taste and a great aroma. There’s enough variety here for drinking tea all throughout the day, no matter the time or occasion. [Buy on Amazon]


Tea Forte Single Steeps Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

Tea Forte’s wonderful set of loose leaf teas includes 3 packs of each blend. The blends included are earl grey, breakfast, chamomile citron, green mango peach, and ginger lemongrass. Each tea has been pre-portioned into individual pouches, measured to create the perfect cup of tea. The pouches contain enough loose tea to make a full pot. This is a wonderful idea for a gift for a loose leaf tea newbie. Just pack it up with a nice infuser and you’ve got the perfect loose leaf tea sampler gift set. Those who have experience with loose leaf tea will enjoy this too as a way to try out different Tea Forte blends. The way the teas are packaged make it easy to travel with and bring to the office. [Buy on Amazon]


Heavenly Tea Leaves Tea Sampler Gift Set

The Heavenly Tea loose leaf tea sampler includes 4 of the brand’s best selling organic teas in adorable little tins. The flavors included are English breakfast, organic green tropics, organic serenity, and tropical white. Each tin can contains 20 servings of loose leaf tea. Everything comes packed away in a nice, eco-friendly gift box. The tins are all labeled and each has its own color so that the blends are easily identifiable from each other. All of the teas have a distinct and enjoyable flavor. Some note that this isn’t the most robust tea around, so it may not be for lovers of a strong brew, but it’s just perfect for those who enjoy a lighter, more delicate flavor. [Buy on Amazon]


Ahmad Tea Twelve Teas Assortment

The Twelve Teas assortment from Ahmad Tea may be one of the greatest tea lovers gift sets around. The sampler set includes a huge variety of flavors. You get 12 different tea blends and a total of 60 tea bags. Each tea bag is in a foil envelope to preserve the aroma and flavor of the tea. In this set you’ll enjoy a nice selection of black, green, and fruity flavored teas. The flavors included are green tea, mint green tea, lemon green tea, lemon and lime, apple, strawberry, and peach and passion fruit. There real is no better way to explore a wide assortment of tea blends. The difference between each flavor is very noticeable as well. The tea itself is such wonderful quality. They’re full-bodied teas with bold, strong flavors. You may find it difficult to go back to another brand after having a taste of Ahmad Tea. [Buy on Amazon]