The Best Teapot for Loose Tea

Loose leaves are the ultimate way to enjoy the full flavor of tea. In order to get the most out of your leaves, you need a great pot for brewing. The best teapot for loose tea will have a nice, big infuser, allowing you to brew all shapes and sizes of loose tea. It should make the experience of brewing your tea more calming and enjoyable, rather than a hassle and a mess. Here are some excellent teapots for loose tea that will do all of that and more.


Teavana PerfecTea Tea Maker

This is a really cool and unique loose leaf tea maker because of how it brews and serves your tea. All you do is add hot water and tea into the maker and let it steep. After your tea is finished brewing, you place the tea maker on top of your mug and the liquid will drain inside. It’s really easy to use, and makes the perfect cup of tea every time.

This loose leaf tea maker is made from BPA free polycarbonate. It’ll brew two cups of tea and it fits over any mug that has about a 3.5 inch diameter. Each cup of tea will taste fresh because the plastic doesn’t retain any smell or flavors from the different types of leaves brewed within. This tea maker doesn’t make a ton of tea, so it’s better for personal use.

You won’t get any leaves in your cup, and the entire thing is mess free thanks to the included drip tray.

Cleanup is very simple. The tea maker can be completely disassembled for washing, and then easily put back together. Unlike smaller infusers, which can be difficult to clean out, all you have to do is open this one up and dump the leaves into the trash when you’re done with them. If you don’t want to pull the entire thing apart, the entire thing can be put in the dishwasher.

The only downside to using this tea maker is that because you place it over a cup, unless you are using a glass mug, it is impossible to see how much tea you are releasing. It’s something you get used to, but otherwise, it’s a good idea to fill your maker with just the right amount of water measured from the mug itself.



Adagio Teas ingenuiTea Bottom-Dispensing Teapot

The ingenuiTea shares the same general concept as the PerfecTea tea maker. You place the hot water and the tea together in the maker, let it brew, and then release it into your cup through the bottom. The mesh filter will hold back all of the leaves, and leave you with a clear cup of tea.

The ingenuiTea holds up to 16 oz of water. It’s dishwasher safe, and holds up well to regular use. Since this loose tea teapot is very roomy, the leaves have a lot of space to unfurl and circulate as they steep. And while it may not be the most important thing to some, it’s rather soothing to watch your leaves dance around as your tea is being brewed!

Of course, I always have to mention the one downside to otherwise excellent products. There can occasionally be problems with the filter popping out and floating around when the hot water added. This can be a pain as you struggle to push the thing back down without burning yourself.



FORLIFE Curve Teapot with Infuser

The Curve teapot from FORLIFE comes in so many vibrant colors that you’re bound to find your favorite, or get stuck for an hour torn between all the beautiful choices. The design of these pots is stunningly beautiful and they feel very solid and comfortable to hold.

Looks aside, this is one of the best teapots for loose leaf tea. The included extra fine tea infuser will  give you the ability to steep everything from large leaves to finer teas like Rooibos. The infuser reaches all the way to the bottom. This means you can fill the pot with any amount of water and still get a full steep.

The lid stays in place as you pour and there won’t be any leaking from the spout. The tea inside will stay pretty warm, and as long as you remove the infuser, it can be popped into the microwave for reheating. Serving a hot cup isn’t a hassle because the handle will not get hot. You can use this to brew 2 to 3 cups of tea.

The pot is dishwasher safe, but it cannot be put on a flame or used on a heating element.



bobuCuisine Glass Teapot

This teapot is made from heatproof glass that is sturdy, but lightweight. It can brew 4-5 cups of tea.

This teapot is great for loose leaf tea because it comes with an infuser made from fine mesh, keeping the leaves in the pot and not in your cup. The infuser doesn’t reach all the way to the bottom of the pot, however, it is still very deeply set, and you should not find any problems with circulation.

The cover stays on the pot very tightly, so it’s secure while pouring, but it’s easy to remove for adding tea and water. The glass is resistant to both stains and odors. Both the glass pot and the infuser are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It also comes with a cute little zip up tea cozy that you can use to keep your tea warm for longer stretches of time.

Additionally, this teapot is gorgeous. It’s definitely the best loose leaf teapot for both style and function.



GROSCHE Waterloo Glass Teapot

The micromesh filter that comes with this awesome glass teapot allows the leaves to steep fully without seeping into the pot. The tea will have lots of space to fully expand within the infuser because it is wide and deeply set.

Even though this pot is made from glass, it feels very sturdy rather than overly delicate and fragile. The glass stands up to heat really well.



DeChunXian Tools Tea Strainer Tea Pot

This is a nifty teapot for loose leaf tea with an interesting design that comes in two parts. You place the tea and water in the top portion of the pot and allow it to steep. Then you press a button and your freshly brewed tea is released into the lower part of the pot. The mesh infuser is very fine, trapping all the leaves where they should be.

While this teapot is really cool, there is one major problem. Because the infuser portion of the pot (where you brew the tea) is much smaller than the rest of the pot, you can never brew enough to fill the entire pot. You’ll have to brew, release, and then brew again to fill it. This pot is still a worth inclusion for it’s very original design, but look elsewhere if you need a bigger pot for brewing multiple cups.