The Best Way to Store Tea – Loose Tea Storage and More

There is nothing better than a fresh cup of tea and storing your tea the proper way is the easiest way to ensure that it stays fresh. Many people don’t realize just how important it is to store your tea correctly. Improperly stored teas become stale and lose their flavor over time. Storing your tea is more than just finding a box to toss it in. Tea should be stored away from air, light, heat, and moisture. If you do everything correctly, your teas will retain their flavor, scent, and freshness for months to a year of delicious enjoyment.

How to Store Loose Leaf Tea

Loose teas should be stored in an airtight canister at room temperature. Storing your tea near a heat source like a stove or a toaster oven will cause your tea to quickly lose its flavor and scent.

Because light can affect the tea, it’s a good idea not to store tea in a glass container, no matter how pretty it may look. Not only does light strip the leaves of flavor, but the light will strip the color from the tea as well.

Keep your loose leaf tea in a place that is completely moisture free. Moisture prematurely ages tea, causing it to decay and mold, which will obviously destroy the flavor. As a result, storing tea away in the refrigerator or freezer is a giant no-no.

Avoid storing tea near foods or spices that have a strong odor as this can affect the flavor.

As mentioned before, keep away from glass unless you are storing your tea in a dark cabinet. Plastic containers are also not great because they easily absorb and transfer odors that will influence the tea’s flavor.

So which containers are the best tea storage? Tin, aluminum, and stainless steel are all great choices. These are all great because they block out light and thjey won’t absorb odors. They’re also durable enough for everyday use

Loose Tea Storage Containers



NakPunar Airtight Tea Tins with Latches

These simple, tins for tea storage are airtight with a seal on the inside that prevents air from leaking into the tea. They have a beautiful design, and they’re great for storing loose tea or bags that don’t have foil wrapping.




SpiceCubed Empty Tins

The clear tops on these loose leaf tea storage tins means that you can easily distinguish between your teas. Just make sure to store them in a dark place. The lids seal on tight to retain freshness. They should be handled carefully since the tin material is quite thin and can dent easily.




Twist Top Tea Tins

These are the perfect loose tea containers for those who want to stay away from the more expensive kinds. You’ll get 3 tea tins for under $10. The lids twist on airtight to retain freshness.


How to Store Tea Bags

The basic rules of storing loose leaf tea apply to bags as well. Keep them away from light, moisture, air, and heat.

Overall, you’re not going to want to mix and match exposed tea bags in the same container to keep all the flavors untainted.

For most people, keeping the tea in the box it came in will suffice, especially if all the tea bags are individually foil wrapped, as long as the box is kept in a dark cupboard.

But for others, storing tea bags is more about organizing a giant collection of tea rather than preservation and there are plenty of gorgeous tea boxes that do just that.

Tea Bag Storage Ideas


Lipper International Bamboo Tea Storage Box

This tea storage box is made from solid bamboo. It has a hinged lid with 8 compartments. Each of the compartments can fit 12-20 tea bags. The divider that creates the compartments can be removed if you’d prefer to have one big box. The box can be wiped clean with soap and water.




Stash Tea Tea Chest

This box is a gorgeous color, made from solid, high quality wood. It has eight compartment that hold 10 bags each, and it closes up with a high quality, durable latch.




Saganizer Tea Box

Unlike the other boxes, this one has a clear top so you can quickly see everything on the inside. The lid has no latch, so it’s not airtight. Make sure to only store tea that is individually wrapped to ensure nothing goes stale.