The Yummy Benefits of Black Tea

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Black tea is a favorite amongst tea drinkers and for good reason. Not only is it incredibly delicious and versatile, but there are tons of benefits of black tea.

Like most tea, black tea leaves come from a plant called Camellia Sinensis. The main difference between black tea and other types of tea is that black tea is the most oxidized. The increased oxidation means that black tea is very flavorful and higher in caffeine, although not nearly as high in caffeine as coffee.

If you are wondering if black tea is something that you should add to your diet, or whether you should drink more of it, the answer is YES! Here are some reasons why.

Black tea is perfect for cold weather. If you are cold, a cup of hot black tea will help you warm up as quick as possible and will also aid in strengthening your immune system. This makes it one of the best winter drinks.Tea is full of tannins and studies have shown that these have the ability to fight viruses.

Black tea is low in sodium, fat, and calories. This is of course one of the most appealing benefits of black tea for obvious reasons.However if you want to keep the tea this healthy, you’ll need to drink it plain in unsweetened, or use a natural sweetener like honey or lemon. All of this makes tea a great beverage to drink if you are on a diet. It’s a great replacement for beverages that may be higher in calories and fat.

Black tea is good for your skin. Drinking black tea can help keep your skin acne free. Some studies have shown that drinking black tea can be more effective than using harsh skin products. While tea won’t completely replace great skin care products, there is nothing to be lost by drinking tea to help out as well.

Black tea is rich in vitamins. Some of these vitamins include B1, Carotene, and B3. Now that’s a delicious glass of nutrition! If you feel that you are lacking in the amount of vitamins you should be consuming on a daily basis, add some tea into your diet the help out.

Black tea can help improve your mood. one of the great benefits for someone who may be a bit on the moody side is that black tea can protect against stress. Break out the black tea when you’re having a bad week to sooth your nerves. Taking some time for yourself to relax with a warm cup of such a delicious beverage can only be a good thing.

Black tea can increase your energy. Because black tea contains caffeine, it will help you be more alert throughout the day by stimulating your metabolism. Black tea will give a more subtile boost than say, drinking  a cup of coffee or chugging a can of soda. Some studies have shown that the stimulating effects of tea can even last longer than those from coffee.

Black tea is great for your teeth. Tea contains fluoride, which is an essential part of oral care. Drinking about two cups of black tea a day can help you get your daily dose of fluoride and keep your teeth healthy.

As you can see, there are an incredibly amount of great benefits that can be had from drinking black tea. It’s a drink that is not only incredibly tasty, but can really help bring some positive improvements into your life.