What is the Best Automatic Tea Maker?

If you’re looking for something that does more than boil water, an automatic tea maker will prepare everything for you, all in one device. All you’ll have to do is pour it into the cup! These have been highlighted in some other posts before, but I thought it might be a great idea to bring them all together in one.

People spend tons of money on coffee makers, but there are so many devices built to make tea that often go ignored. If you’re an avid tea drinker, and I’m talking several cups, all day long, this is certainly an investment you will not regret. The following are some of the greatest electric tea makers that you can get your hands on today.


Breville One Touch Electric Tea Maker
This is easily one of the best tea makers out there. It has so many amazing features. The tea basket inside automatically lowers and lifts. This agitates the leaves and circulates them to create the most amazing tea infusion. The temperature controls are simply amazing. No matter how hot you need it, you’ll be able to program the hot tea maker to bring your water to the perfect temperature. It also includes preset temperatures to help with brewing black, green, white, and oolong teas.

Not only will you have full control over the water temperature, the steep times are also fully programmable. The flexibility of this device is incredible for anyone who is very particular about how they enjoy their tea.

An LCD timer is included to help you monitor the freshness of the tea. It will tell you how long it’s been since your last brew. You can also set the timer to begin brewing whenever you want it to. Set it to have a cup ready for you when you wake up and set it to have another cup waiting for you when you return home. There’s a 60 minute keep warm feature for those who want to drink their tea slowly over time. Some tea leaves tend to escape during the vigorous steeping process, but the spout includes a mesh that will stop all of the escaped tea leaves from going into the cup.

Overall, this hot tea maker is incredibly effortless to use and will always give you a cup of tea exactly the way you want it. In addition to having the most functionality of all the tea makers available, it’s also incredibly stylish, and can be displayed on the kitchen counter without any shame! This is definitely the priciest electric tea maker, but it’s a really great investment for those who are truly passionate about tea.


Cuisinart TEA-100 PerfectTemp Programmable Tea Steeper and Kettle
This hot tea maker is another one that operates by raising the stainless steel tea infuser. The infuser is removable and it can be used with both loose and bagged teas. Like the Breville, all of the controls are completely programmable, with some presets to help you get started. The preset controls include steeping and temperature times for delicate, green, white, oolong, herbal or black tea.

There’s a 30 minute keep warm option available. When the keep warm option shuts off, the tea will continue to stay warm for an additional 45 minutes or so in the pot itself. The glass kettle is cordless, so you can remove it and pour your tea easily. It also includes a kettle lid. The tea infuser can be completely removed and replaced with the alternate lid to convert it into a water kettle. This is a convenient little feature for those who want to get the most use out of the product.

Some other notable features include overheat and boil dry protection, the ability to pop all removable parts into the dishwasher (yay for easy cleanup!), and rapid heating of water. You can even add ice into the kettle without problems to make some delicious iced tea.

The Tea Maker beeps to alert you when the water has heated. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on whether or not you’re trying to go unheard in the morning, but good if you want to do other things and worry about forgetting that you were even brewing tea.


Krups Electric Kettle with Incorporated Tea Infuser
This automatic tea maker is a little bit more simple and low cost than some of the others, without compromising on the quality. The included tea infuser is removable and the height can be completely adjusted. It is not, however, made from stainless steel, it’s made from BPA free plastic. The infuser lid can be changed and then converted into a water kettle with an alternative lid that is included with the set.

This hot tea maker can be programmed to 4 different temperature settings: low, medium, high and boil. It boils the water very quickly and it will keep your pot of tea hot for up to an hour. One complaint about this one is that the shape of the infuser makes it rather a difficult task to clean out, but it’s still manageable once you’ve gotten the hang of it.

This is a decent tea maker, but the biggest downside is that even though it comes with an infuser, and will do a fine job brewing your cups, it doesn’t come with quite the amount of features and programmability of some of the other tea makers. There are no specific settings included depending on tea type and delicacy. This is still a great option for someone who is looking for something less complicated. It will make a great cup of tea, at a perfectly reasonable price, just don’t expect anything particularly fancy and groundbreaking here.


Nesco Teamaker
This is the lowest priced electric tea maker on this list, but it’s still pretty awesome! The controls are fairly simple to use and it will do everything including heat the water, steep the leaves, and keep the tea warm for up to an hour. This one includes a wide selection of steeping times from 2-16 minutes. There’s no risk of over-steeping your tea. You won’t end up with one of those cups you have to cringe your way through. It gives you perfect control over the strength of your tea. Because this is an automatic tea maker, once you’re done setting everything up, you can leave and let it do its work and then come back later to serve your cup.

Some downsides are that this electric tea maker is made completely of plastic, however, it’s still pretty sturdy. There are a couple of complaints that the spout is poorly designed and it takes a bit of effort to pour without spilling. At first, it may take a bit of time to figure out the perfect amount of tea to use with the steeping times, but once that’s all figured out, it does the job well enough.

This automatic tea maker can be used with loose leaf tea or tea bags. It includes an anti-drip function and a water scale filter. There is also an auto protection feature that will stop the infusion from starting if the carafe is not placed inside the base. For the price, this is a great basic tea maker, and probably a good place to start for a beginner tea drinker.

Any one of these tea makers will make the perfect addition to a tea lover’s kitchen. Pick the best one for your depending on the features you need, and your personal tea preferences.