What is the Best Copper Tea Kettle?

A copper tea kettle is not only a beautiful addition to your kitchen, but it’s also incredibly functional. Copper is one of the fastest conductors of heat. That means a copper kettle is the best way to boil your water fast. Here are a selection of kettles in beautiful copper that you can use to help you brew your next cup of tea.

Simplex Heritage Tea Kettle
Simplex creates some of the best traditional whistling tea kettles, and this copper model is no different. The kettles have a coil base designed for quick boiling and a whistling device in the lid that will let you know when your water is ready. Because of the copper finish, this kettle can be used on low heat and still boil water at a fast pace without wasting energy.

Chantal Classic Kettle
This kettle is made with a stainless steel interior and a copper plating exterior. The bottom has a copper disk that helps the kettle conduct heat and boil the water quickly. The base of the kettle is flat, so it can be used on ceramic or glass stovetops if necessary. The whistling feature has two tones, letting out a unique and beautiful melody when your water has come to a boil.

Bonjour Stainless Steel Kettle with Copper Bottom
This copper water kettle is a bit more unique than the others on our list in that its made entirely of stainless steel except for the base which is a full cap of copper for efficient heating and quick boiling. Grabbing and pouring the water out of the kettle should be a breeze. The handle is rubber so that it can be safely grabbed. The spout is designed for drip free pouring so you won’t accidentally spill water everywhere. The two tone design gives it a elegant yet unique appearance.

Old Dutch Hammered Copper Kettle with Wood Handle
This beautiful 2 quart kettle is made from solid copper making it an amazing conductor of heat and a speedy boiler. The wooden handle and knob give it an old fashioned appeal. It can never be a bad thing to have a kettle that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

This copper tea kettle will work great on both electric and gas stoves. It’s also quite easy to clean. Simply wash it with warm, soapy water and hand dry it when finished. The only downside of this model is that it won’t whistle or make a loud noise, so choose this one if you intend to keep an eye on the stove as your water is being prepared. This could bring a whole other element of focus to your tea drinking, which is actually quite nice.