What is the Best Glass Electric Kettle

Glass electric kettles are an ultimate option for those looking for a kettle that doesn’t contain any materials that may effect the taste of their water. These glass kettles are incredible because you’ll get all the benefits of being able to rapidly boil your water, without any nasty surprises that may come from having your water in contact with plastic. Here are some of the best glass electric tea kettles that’ll give you pure tasting water in minutes.


Breville Crystal Clear Electric Kettle

Breville makes a huge array of wonderful products for boiling water and making tea. So it’s no surprise that this is the best glass electric tea kettle around. The kettle is made from a sturdy glass and all of the parts that come in contact with water are BPA free. The kettle boils water extremely fast. Your water will be hot within seconds, and boiling within minutes. There is no faster way to get your water hot. The doesn’t make a sound when the water has come to a full boil, it just shuts off. This can be a problem for those who like to leave while their water boils, but honestly, the water gets heated so quickly, that it really shouldn’t be a problem to stick around and wait. Additionally, you’ll be hard pressed finding an electric kettle that whistles from any brand.

This kettle is elegantly designed, so it looks great left out on the counter. The cord winds into the base. Everything is neat and tidy, and you won’t have unattractive wires taking up space. The lid opens up slowly, releasing the steam a little at a time, rather than all in one gush. This also prevents splashing. The handle is comfortable to hold, and includes a release button. On the side are fill measurements that will help you avoid overfilling, or underfilling. Overall, this kettle is worth the money if you’re looking for something high-functioning and long lasting. [Buy it here]


Ovente Glass Electric Kettle

This kettle is a much less expensive option than the Breville, yet it’s still a wonderful way to get your water heated up quickly. It’s the best electric glass kettle for anyone on a budget. It comes in an assortment of basic and fun colors. There’s something here for any style or taste. This kettle will boil water more efficiently than a stovetop kettle. The water comes to a boil in about 3-4 minutes. As the water is boiling, it lights up blue. It includes boil-dry protection and auto-shutoff, so there’s no risk of destroying the kettle if you forget about it.

On the side of the kettle are water level indicators, letting you know where the max fill is. The handle stays cool, so you can grab it without injury. The heating element is concealed, so there’s no contact with water. There’s also a removable filter that can be washed out. The entire kettle in general is very easy to clean, should you need to do so. [Buy it here]


Toastess Cordless Electric Glass Water Kettle

The glass hot water kettle from Toastess has everything you could want. It features auto-shutoff, so the kettle turns off when water has boiled, and you can quickly begin boiling again with a flip of the switch. The kettle will also shut off if it is plugged in when empty, and when it’s lifted from the base. The lid is made from BPA free plastic and it snaps on nice and tight. There’s another bit of plastic used for the filter in the spout. The filter should not be removed or the auto-shutoff feature will stop working.

This all glass electric kettle has a concealed heating element that makes heating fast, and allows for easy cleanup. Cleanup is made even easier thanks to the nice, wide opening at the top of the kettle. It’s roomy enough to stick your entire hand in. It has a large capacity, yet water still boils very quickly. Rather than heaving the measurements on the glass itself, level indicators are located on the handle. [Buy it here]


Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Kettle

This is one of the coolest looking glass electric kettles thanks to the way it illuminates blue when boiling. The lights go off when the boiling stops. This is pretty helpful since all you’ll need to do is glance over at it to know that your water is ready. That’s especially great news for forgetful types. The water heats up very quickly and includes auto-shutoff for extra protection. No plastic comes in contact with the water while it’s heating, however there is a small plastic mesh filter in the spout, which can be removed if you’re that much of a water purist.

The base has a cord and 360 degree swiveling ability. The kettle can be lifted off the base for cordless serving and filling. The opening at the top is very wide, making cleanup a simple task. [Buy it here]


Chef’s Choice Glass Electric Water Kettle

The cordless glass water kettle made by Chef’s choice is another solid option when looking for the best electric glass tea kettle. The kettle includes all the features you’d want for water boiling. It has auto-shutoff ability to protect from boiling dry. The lid locks in securely. The heating element is concealed, eliminating mineral deposit buildup. It includes water indicators located on the handle instead of the glass body. The base is made from brushed stainless steal. The cord attached to the base isn’t retractable, however it can be coiled under the base and kept out of sight.

The switch that you press to start heating the water illuminates so that you always know whether for not the kettle is on. Water boils incredibly fast. Depending on how much water you have inside, you could have it boiled in only about 2 minutes. For those who are very serious about the spout pouring abilities, this kettle is not drippy and allows for a slow pour, if necessary. [Buy it here]