What is the Best Glass Teapot with Infuser?

Glass teapots are a great thing to have for a variety of reasons and a glass teapot with infuser is even better. With a glass teapot you can watch the tea infuse. You can watch as the leaves expand and circulate, adding a whole other layer to the tea drinking experience.

Glass teapots are also a good idea for a number of functional reasons. They’re necessary for blooming tea, and they are great if you want to judge the strength of your tea by the color, which is something impossible to tell in teapots made from other materials. Glass teapots are also amazing because they won’t add any additional flavors to the tea and there won’t be any warping or rusting of the pot. Below you’ll find some of the best glass teapots that already include an infuser.


Grosche Vienna Infuser Glass Teapot
This gorgeous, hexagonal shaped teapot is made with thermal glass. The shape and style add clarity and beauty to the home. The glass will not become cloudy after years of use.

The pot can be used with or without the infuser inside of it. Simply remove the infuser to use your own or use the pot with blooming tea. It’s both microwave and dishwasher safe, however handwashing is recommended to avoid all breaking risks.

The handle of the pot is large and comfortable. The infuser is really long so you won’t have to brew a full pot of tea every time. For the days when you do want many cups, the pot is big enough to brew 3-4 cups of tea. Even after regular use, there won’t be any staining on the glass.

There are a couple of complaints that the infuser develops cracks after some usage, however, those who have contacted the manufacturer have said that they had no problems replacing the broken part.


Forlife Bell Glass Teapot with Basket Infuser
This glass teapot comes with an assortment of colors if you want a splash of vibrancy. The glass is lead free, and the infuser basket is made from stainless steel. The holes of the infuser are condensed and extra fine, so that the circulation of tea is even more efficient. The infuser is easy to remove with a simple push of the lid. The spout is designed in such a way that there are no drips when pouring.

The glass teapot is dishwasher safe, but handwash is once again, recommended. It’s heat resistant up to 248F, but it should not be placed on direct flames or on top of heating elements.


Bonjour Zen Glass Teapot with Stand and Infuser
This is a beautiful glass teapot for use, and to keep on display thanks the the beautiful stand. The pot is made from hand blown glass. The glass is borosilicate so it’s resistant to shock and breakage.

The handle is made from bamboo, as are the elevated base and tea scoop. The handle adds a very attractive flair, and makes this pot easier to hold when hot. However, it’s not removable, so it may be irritating to clean with it getting in the way. Handwash is recommended.

The pot itself holds 1 liter of liquid, and the spout does not drip. Although the pot claims to be resistance to breakage, some have complained that the glass feels very delicate, so care MUST be taken when handling. Otherwise, most have said that with proper care the pot has lasted them for years. Breakage is a risk that is present with anything that comes in glass.


Yama Glass Teapot with Infuser
This is a very pretty glass teapot with a glass infuser and no drip spout. One perk for this particular one is that it’s dishwasher, microwave and stove top safe. So you can use it to do the heating of the water and the brewing. The pot can be used on medium to medium high heat.

This pot is perfect for brewing all kinds of tea, including flowering tea, loose tea, powder, and bag tea. It has the capacity to make 8 full cups. The glass is incredibly durable, the pot will last for years with careful handling. One small downside is that it’s necessary to hold the lid while pouring tea out so that it doesn’t fall off. Small bits of tea may come out of the infuser, but this should not be a problem with larger leaves.


Bodum Assam Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Filter
This one is a really unique glass teapot with infuser because it works as a press. The tea is added into the infuser and when steeping time is reached, you press the plunger down, ending the infusion, and avoiding any bitterness and over-steeping. This is amazing because you can brew your tea to your favorite strength without having to remove the infuser.

There are a couple of downsides to this press infuser design. The infuser itself is not removable, so this won’t be an ideal pot for brewing blooming tea. The infuser also sits high up, so you’ll have to brew a full pot to get an infusion going.

The glass pot itself is 34 oz and can serve up to 4 cups of tea. The body and handle are borosilicate glass. The infuser is stainless steel with a plastic lid and nob. Despite the glass design, the pot holds the heat of the tea for quite a long time. It’s also dish washer safe, aside from the lid and rod. The small spout ensures that spilling will not be a problem.


Berghoff Dorado Glass Teapot
This glass teapot has an artful sleek, and modern design. The lid and infuser are made from stainless steel and the pot sits on a stainless steel stand. The stand acts as a tea candle holder. You place the candle inside and it will continue to keep your brewed tea warm.

Because the lid if made from metal, it does tend to get a bit hot.Thought, the lid seals and holds in place when pouring so you won’t have to grab on to it. The pot is large enough to make 5 or so cups of tea, and the short spout make it super easy to clean. The infuser is also nice and large and it’s great in terms of keeping the leaves from escaping.