What is the Best Small Electric Kettle?

A small electric kettle has the benefit of being more portable and convenient. Traveling with a kettle becomes a lot easier with something that is compact in size, easy to pack away, and takes up less room in a small space. It’s also the perfect item to use as a secondary kettle in a room that is not a kitchen (but who says you don’t want a nice cup of tea when you’re upstairs!) Here are some great mini electric kettles.

Bonavita Bona Voyage Small Travel Kettle
This small stainless steel tea kettle is more than meets the eye. It’s ultra durable. At .5 liters it is small enough for traveling or keeping on a desk in the office or at home. The size is similar to that of a small french press. It has a 900 watt heater for fast boiling. Auto shut-off keeps the water from boiling and drying the kettle long after it’s heated. The lid of the kettle is easy to remove.


Bodum Small Electric Water Kettle
This small water kettle is only 17 ounces. The heating element is unexposed so that you are able to place the kettle on any surface. The heating element is also large and it boils water in about 4 minutes. It’s made from BPA-free plastic and stainless steel, leaving behind no funny tastes in your precious water. The on/off button is located on the handle of the kettle so that you can control it while gripping it in your hand. The kettle includes anti-boil dry so that it will shut down when it has reached its boiling point.


T-fal Balanced Living Small Electric Tea Kettle
This electric kettle has a bit more functionality and extra features than some of the other ones on this list. It’s a bit larger, at 1 liter, but still small enough that it doesn’t take up too much space. The heating element is concealed, and it’s very powerful at 1750 watts. The kettle includes a 360 degree rotating base, a locking lid, and a small window to view the water level. The water temperature can be controlled depending on choice of black, white, or green tea. Auto shut-off will turn the kettle off when the temperature is reached, or when it’s removed from the base. It also includes an anti-scale filter that is both easy to remove, and easy to clean. This is the best small electric tea kettle for someone looking to not compromise on additional functionality.

Proctor Silex Small Electric Kettle
This kettle is 1 liter with 1000 watts for rapid boiling. This is one of the most simple, basic, and inexpensive kettles that you can get, making it perfect for anyone who doesn’t need a lot of extras. It’s easy to serve the water because the cord is detachable, and the spout is non-spill. The heating element is immersed, and automatic shut-off is included for boil-dry protection. Water level indicators on the window allow you to measure how much water to boil.