What is the Best Tea Infuser?

The best tea infuser is an essential item for all tea lovers. It’s a good idea to have one of these on hand for those times when you want to steep tea directly in your mug, or for those pots that might’ve come without one. They’re perfect for brewing all kinds of loose leaf teas. On this list you’ll find some of the greatest infusers in both traditional ball shape to some that will fit the shape of a mug, with holes made for even the finest of tea leaves and the best water circulation.


OXO Good Grips Twisting Loose Leaf Strainer Ball
Sometimes the hardest part of infusing is getting the leaves into the infuser. This tea ball eliminates that hassle by making it easy to fill up with the twisting feature. Simply open it up and scoop in the tea leaves. Twist it shut so that all the leaves stay inside without escaping. Cleaning it out is a breeze as well. Twist the bottom of the handle to self scoop the wet leaves from the tea ball.

This metal tea strainer has a long neck that is made from stainless steel and it’s long enough to accommodate many different sized mugs. The grip at the end is made from soft silicon. Infusing all kinds of loose leaf tea is possible with this, but it’s also great for use with herbs and spices. This is the best loose leaf tea infuser out there.


Forlife Extra-fine Loose Tea Leaf Infuser and Porcelain Dish Set
This is a full cup infuser for tea that will sit nice and deep inside of the mug. It’s wide, so there is a ton of room for the tea leaves to expand. When the infusion is finished, you can use the plate that comes in the set to hold the steeper. The mesh is made from very strong stainless steel. The holes in the mesh are fine enough that most tea dust won’t escape and cloud up the liquid. It’s made from lead-free material and it’s dishwasher safe.

This tea infuser is a lot less hassle to deal with and less messy than tea ball style infusers. One problem is that tea leaves can get trapped under the rim around the mesh when it’s being washed. Other than that, this is a perfect, long lasting tea infuser. Those who use it regularly say it’s been with them for several years.


Schefs Premium Loose Leaf Tea Infuser
This tea infuser is beautifully designed. It looks great, but it’s also incredibly functional and effective at its job. Fill it up easily by scooping straight from the loose leaf tea container. Cleaning is just as easy as scooping. Open it up and dump the tea right into the trash and rinse. It works by sliding up and then back down into place.

This is a good tea infuser because it will hold the perfect amount of tea while leaving a ton of space for expanding. That makes it a great choice for large leaf teas that require good water flow for full flavor potential. Small leaves work here too, as it doesn’t leave any floaty debris behind. Just by holding it, you can feel how stable and durable it is.


Finum Brewing Loose Leaf Tea Strainer Basket
Finding the best tea infuser that doesn’t add any additional flavors to the brew can often be a difficult task, but this basket handles that spectacularly. The stainless steel mesh will leave your tea tasting like tea, and the mesh won’t retain flavors and affect your other brews.

This infuser comes in two sizes: medium and large. Either size should fit most mugs. The delicate structure of the mesh make this ideal for brewing fine leaves. It’s framed by heat resistant plastic. The plastic may actually retain flavors from different teas, but this can be avoided by washing regularly and taking great care to keep it clean.

The lid is perfect for keeping the temperature of the liquid while infusion occurs. Flip it over to use it as a drip tray when finished. Two thumb tabs frame the rim. This allows the infuser to be easily removed from the mug after steeping. You won’t want to go back to using tea balls after spending time with this one.


Grip-EZ Tea Strainer for Loose Tea with Cup
This is the best loose leaf tea infuser for a mess free cup of tea. It comes with a drip cup that you can use to place the tea ball onto when you’re finished with it. It’s made from durable stainless steel and the handles are covered in non-slip santoprene. The entire thing is 6 inches long, so the handles are rather short and the edges of the rubber may enter the liquid. This is better used with smaller cups.

There are a few complaints that this infuser is awkward to handle because of the way it operates. The grips may slip around as you squeeze them. Others say that there is nothing wrong with them, so keep an eye out for this problem if you happen to purchase this one. Either way, this infuser does what it’s supposed to do, and it does it well.


Premium Loose Tea Infuser Basket
This is another amazing in-cup loose leaf tea infuser. It’s nice and big allowing the water to interact with the leaves, giving the infusion the best flavor possible. The large, wide size make it both easy to fill up and clean out. The fine wire mesh won’t allow any of the tea sediment to escape. There is a handle attached to the side that makes it easy to place this into the cup, and remove it afterwards.

Because of how good the flow between water and leaves and dispersion of flavor is in this particular infuser, you will be able to use less leaves and achieve the same taste.

This Infuser includes a bonus ebook that details types of teas, the best brewing methods for each one, and some tips on how to use leftover tea leaves. A password comes in the package that will allow you access to the book. This is the best tea infuser for anyone who wants a little extra help with perfecting their tea brew.