What is the Best Tea Infuser Travel Mug?

For those of us with busy lives, a tea infuser travel mug is exactly what we need. They’re great for people who are always on the go. Unlike your average infuser mug, you can safely take these with you in the car,  while riding on public transportation, or on a walk. These travel mugs are great for tea because you can still get your daily fix even if you don’t have a lot of time in the morning. All you have to do is put everything you need for your tea inside, and let the magic happen while you travel. Below are the best travel mugs for tea that will keep you connected to your favorite beverage throughout the day.


Aladdin Travel Tea Infuser Mug
This is a 12 ounce loose leaf tea infuser travel mug that will let your brew and enjoy your beverage on the go. It works with loose leaf tea, teabags, and even coarse ground coffee. It’s microwave safe, so you won’t even need to use a kettle to get the water all warmed up. It’s also dishwasher safe, and made from BPA free plastic.

The tea infuser should be able to hold all kinds of loose leaf tea without any floaty bits coming out. You can raise and lower the infuser to your liking. One downside is there are some people who complain that the infuser can become difficult to clean. Otherwise, the top goes on really tight, so you won’t have to worry about any accidental spills if you choose to toss it in your bag.

The plastic bottle itself feels really well made and solid. It will definitely keep your tea hot for quite some time, which is a good thing for those who like to drink nice and slow.


Trudeau Tea Mendous Travel Mug with Infuser
This is a 16 ounce clear view mug that is stylish and attractive. It’s made from BPA free plastic, and it’s double-wall insulated. The liquid inside of it will stay warm for up to two hours. While that’s not enough time for an all day mug of tea, it’s perfect for sipping on a long travel into work.

Some downsides are that it’s not dishwasher or microwave safe, so you’re going to have to get your water prepped before you leave the house. The stainless steel mesh infuser good for both loose leaf tea and bagged tea. The cap seals on tight. There’s no leaking whatsoever.

The clear color of the bottle is often a better choice than the metal mugs because you can watch your tea brew to exactly the strength that you like most. Best of all, your tea will retain its flavor all day long.


Nissan Stainless Steel Loose Tea Travel Mug with Infuser
This is a great infuser travel mug for keeping tea hot all day long. The mug has vacuum insulation technology that locks the temperature in, preserving both the flavor and the freshness of the tea. It will keep your tea hot for up to 10 hours, which is absolutely incredible. This is perfect for a day long supply of tea.

This mug is perfect for traveling because it’s interior and exterior are made from unbreakable stainless steel. The cover is leak proof. There’s no need to be careful when lugging this one around.

The contoured body carries 12 ounces and it’s also very comfortable to grip and hold. It’s great to use for basically anything you want to throw in it. Use it to carry your tea with you, or use it to hold other things like soup and warm oatmeal. This one is really popular amongst tea drinkers because of how long it will keep the liquid warm.


Teas Etc Hot Tea Travel Mug
This travel mug works a bit differently than some of the others on this list. With this one, you put the leaves directly into the water. The top contains a strainer so that none of the leaves come out when you drink from it. This means it’s not the best choice for those who like to remove their leaves before they drink, but it’s also perfectly fine for those situations where you know you wouldn’t have the opportunity to remove an infuser in the first place.

The bottle is made from BPA free plastic. It’s double-walled so it keeps the liquid hot and your hands not hot. The side is decorated with Chinese characters. The tea strainer is stainless steel. It can be removed and screwed back into place. The lid itself is water tight. All of the parts are completely easy to clean since they can be separated. One downside is that there is no sipper on the cap, so the cover must be completely removed in order to drink from it.

If you enjoy your tea boiling hot, it’s best to use a sleeve around this one because the bottle itself can get quite hot as well. This particular mug may also not be the best for keeping the contents hot for long periods of time. Otherwise, the mug works as it should, and even without an infuser, and the leaves floating around, there are none that escape while drinking. This is easily the most visually stunning option on this list.


Thermos Loose Leaf Travel Mug
This is another brilliant tea infuser travel mug option for all day hot tea. The vacuum insulation keeps the liquid hot for up to 12 hours, and will keep cold liquids cold for 24. This bottle does such a good job at keeping tea hot that it’s definitely not ideal for those who enjoy letting their tea cool down. It is, however, the best option for those who want their drink hot through the entire day.

The lid is leak proof and it locks into place with a button. It includes an integrated tea infuser, perfect for loose leaf teas. The bottle is made from unbreakable stainless steel that looks great and feels high quality and durable. The tea infuser is made from plastic. All the parts are dish washer safe.