What is the Best Tea Mug with Infuser?


A lot of times, brewing tea in a pot doesn’t work out too well for enjoying just one cup. The infuser sits too high up and we end up brewing way more than we wanted. A tea mug with infuser is the perfect substitute for a pot becauseĀ  it allows you to brew a single cup. The following list contains some great mugs perfect for getting cozy at home, or using to brew your tea in the office.


Tea Forte Kati Tea Infuser Mug with Lid
This is a really cute ceramic mug that holds 12 ounces. It comes in several other colors and patterns so there is something suitable for everyone. It’s both microwave and dishwasher safe and includes a stainless steel tea infuser.

The double wall construction keeps the tea hot but still holdable. There isn’t a handle on the mug, but it’s still fine because many people will never use the handle on the mug anyhow. The infuser sits really deep inside the cup, so you’ll get a nice, complete infusion. The infuser is also very easy to clean. A lid is included that sits on top of the cup to keep the liquid warm as it infuses, but that does not make this an ideal cup for traveling because it is not snug.


Forlife Curve Tall Tea Mug with Infuser
This is a 15 ounce mug made from lead-free ceramic material. It comes in lots of different colors (12 choices, to be precise). The construction is simple, traditional, and effective.

The mug is dishwasher safe. It should not be used on a flame or a heating element. The infuser is made from stainless steel. It’s extra fine for perfect steeping every time, and that also means it’s good to use with both fine and large loose tea leaves. No leaves will escape the infuser, and it’s very simple to clean up. The infuser is also long enough that it sits deep within the mug.

The lid on top doesn’t fit snugly, so again, this is not an ideal option for running about outside. However, it will keep your drink nice and warm as it brews. The lid can then be turned upside down and used to place the infuser and leaves on top of, mess free. That’s perfect if you choose to use them again for a second brewing. The handle is nice to use as it doesn’t get hot at all.


Sun’s Tea Personal All Glass Tea Infuser Mug
This mug is has an elegant and attractive design. It’s made from clear glass so that you can watch the leaves dance while infusing. The entire thing is made from glass, including the infuser. There are no metal or plastic parts. The glass infuser is removable and very easy to clean thanks to the material. It is, however, not that great at brewing fine tea leaves as they tend to escape.

The glass that the mug is made from is pretty fragile, so it’s definitely important to handle it with care. It’s 12 ounces in size, and microwave and dishwasher safe. Microwave safe is great because you’ll be able to use it even when a kettle is unavailable. This, along with the small size, make it a really good item to use in the office. Overall, it’s the best tea infuser mug in glass.


The Tea Spot Tea Infuser Mug
This 16 ounce tea strainer cup is complete with everything you need for the tea steeping process. It’s made from hand-crafted, high quality, lead free porcelain and it has a nice large ceramic infuser with lots of room for steeping tea. The lid can be turned over to be used as a saucer that holds the infuser basket. There is no need to head back to the kitchen to dump your steeped leaves. Simply set them aside on the lid.

The holes on the infuser are very small so there is very little debris left inside of the cup after steeping. This does, however, make it more difficult to remove small particles when washing it. The handle is a strange shape that may make it awkward to hold, but for those who ignore the handle completely, this should not be a problem. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. The ceramic material is great for holding the heat in, especially when paired with the lid.


L Tremaine 3 Piece Tea Steeper Mug
This 10 ounce mug is super cute and it comes in 5 vibrant colors. The infuser is made from aluminum, and the whole thing is microwave and dishwasher safe. It’s perfect for brewing all kinds of loose leaf teas.

The mug is made from bone stoneware. It’s lead and cadmium free. The strainer is nice and large so the leaves can expand fully and all of the flavors within are pulled out. The lid is really great for trapping the heat inside and keeping everything warm and delicious. The only complaint for this one is that the infuser does not go down far enough into the cup. This should not be a problem as long as you fill it up all the way.


Forlife Brew-in-Mug Tea Infuser with Lid
Already have a mug that you love? Use this to convert it into a tea infuser mug. This infuser lid is made from lead-free stainless steel. The rimming around it is silicon. The size of this is completely perfect. It fits American standard mugs. When the infusion is finished, flip it around and turn the lid into an infuser holder.

Many claim that this is the best infuser they have ever used. It can brew even the finest of teas (rooibos won’t even leave any residue at the bottom of the cup). The insulated lid will keep the liquid hot for a long time if you prefer a longer steep. The rubber rimming makes it easy to remove the lid without burning your hands. All parts are dishwasher safe, but this is not for use on a flame or heating element.