What is the Best Teapot with Infuser?

A teapot with infuser will include all the things necessary to make the perfect cup of tea. Instead of having a separate infuser that has to be added into the pot to brew your tea, the teapot will include one that sits perfectly within it for optimal tea infusion. Some of us are just too lazy for so many steps, or some of us just really love a cup brewed to perfection . Whatever it is for you, here are some great options for teapots that come with the perfect infuser.

FORLIFE Stump Teapot and Infuser
These adorable teapots with strainers come in 12 different colors. You’ll surely be able to find your favorite within their selection. Its primary purpose is for brewing tea, so this pot can not be used in the microwave, oven, on an open flame, or over any kind of heating element. It is, however, dishwasher safe. The infuser is perfectly designed for brewing all kinds of loose leaf tea. It can also be used with tea bags. The design is stack-able, so it can be easily stored away in the cupboard without taking up too much room. The spout is no spill, and it’s placed high enough on the pot that you should be able to fill it to the top without anything spilling out.

Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Teapot with Infuser Basket
This is a favorite glass teapot amongst many. The reviews for this one are overwhelmingly positive, with tons of people calling it one of the best teapots they have ever used. The deep set infuser is incredibly large, allowing lots of room so that the tea leaves can circulate through the water, letting out their full flavor potential. The pot is made from Japanese glassware, and it’s quite delicate, so care must be taken to keep it in good condition. Otherwise, it’s easy to use and clean, and the lid fits on top perfectly.

LeCafetiere Le Teapot Set with Infuser
This teapot has a beautiful and unique modern styling to it. It’s made from glass, but the plastic decorative outer design is perfect for adding additional protection. The pot is large enough for brewing up to 4 cups of tea. The best teapots with infusers are the ones that have nice big baskets, and the infuser in this one is large and set quite deep. It’s even easy to remove for washing. As for cleaning the rest of the pot, this one is dishwasher safe.

Le Creuset Stoneware Infuser Teapot
This beautiful teapot is made from high fired stoneware. The finish is non-porous enamel. It’s resistant to odors, stains, chipping and cracking. The ceramic material holds the heat well, keeping tea hot longer than within a glass teapot. The infuser of the pot rests perfectly inside for the best steeping, and it’s easy to clean.

Frieling Primo Teapot with infuser
If you’re looking for a pot that can keep your tea warm for over an hour, then this is it. It’s made from a sturdy stainless steel which will keep your tea hotter than most pots made from other materials. The pot is also incredibly durable, so breaking should be a non-concern. The infuser hangs deeply inside of the pot and it’s high quality micro-etched. The design of the spout on this one is great. It will pour the tea out smoothly without spilling. There won’t be any kind of race to get the tea into your cup before it begins to leak everywhere.