What sort of teacups should you buy?

So you’ve got your teapot and you’ve got your tea kettle. If you’re drinking your tea solo, then a mug may be all you need. However, if you come from a family of tea lovers, or maybe even want to throw a tea party or gathering of some sort, it may be time for you to buy teacups. Here are some cute finds in various colors and prices depending on how much you’d like to invest on your first or maybe 10th set!

Lynns Blue Rose Cup
Lynns Blue Rose Cup and Saucer set of 6
Price: 22.99
These adorable little porcelain teacups come with blue rose decal design. The rims of the cups are trimmed with gold. Each cup is 7 ounces and has a 6 inch saucer. They can be hand washed with mild soap.
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Gracie China Rose Chintz
Gracie China Rose Chintz Tea Cup and Saucer set of 4
Price: 28.10
These are beautiful porcelain tea cups with a floral design and gold trim. They are dishwasher safe. The teacups are so pretty that they can be use as decorative accents for any kitchen.
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Royal Albert 100 Years of Royal Albert Teacups
Royal Albert 100 Years of Royal Albert Teacups and Saucers set of 5
Price: 109.90
For those who want to spend a little more on their teacup set, you may want to buy these teacups. These beautiful cups have historical patterns from each decade from 1950-1990. They are crafted from bone china with a 22 karat gold trim. They come packaged in a presentation style hatbox. These are beautiful cups for a teacup collector.
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Polka Dot Teacups
Classic Coffee & Tea Polka Dot Teacups set of 6
Price: 38.00
If you want to buy teacups, these teacups are great for someone looking for something with a more modern look. These are hand wash only cups made from high quality porcelain
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Miss Bouquet Ceramic Tea Set
Present Time Miss Bouquet Ceramic Tea Set with Stand set of 4
Price: 35.67
These are solid colored ceramic teacups with adorable floral patterns on the inside. This set comes with a metal stand so that you can proudly display your cups
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